January 17, 2021

Podcast: Meet Noah, The ASPCA Dog Of The Year

Noah at school shows its OK to be different


Noah, a blind dog with deformed legs is the winner of the ASPCA 2018 Dog of the Year award. Noah visits schools to promote anti-bullying those who look different, and visits seniors to bring smiles.

Working with a specialized curriculum developed by his owner, teacher Lisa Edge, Noah embodies the message that even though people look different, we all have similar needs and are no less important because of our differences or disabilities. Nearly every day, Lisa receives thankful messages from children who’ve been bullied and find comfort in Noah.

When not in the classroom, Noah can be found at nursing homes, freely giving his love to seniors, or even skiing on the slopes of Wisconsin with custom-made skis to fit his wheelchair.

For overcoming his own severe handicaps to teach children valuable lessons about tolerance and acceptance, Noah is the 2018 ASPCA Dog of the Year.


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