August 4, 2020

KEEP PAWS OFF THE HANDS OF TIME- a cat speaks out!

Nolan Nolan says, “I don’t care what time it is…just feed me.”


by Allia Zobel Nolan


The cats were out of sorts this morning. “Food, Mommy. Food,” they meowed. I pointed to the clock. “Daylight Saving Time is over,” I said. “Mommy gets to sleep later, Sweeties.” They meowed even louder.
If your cats are like mine, they hate Daylight Saving Time (DST). And I agree. It’s discombobulating to both man and and beast. Every year we have to totally change our sleeping, eating, and napping schedules, [plus every imaginable electronic gizmo that, like me, doesn’t reprogram itself], only to have to change them all back again six months later, or if an errant Nor’easter outs the power. No wonder their whiskers (and mine) are out of whack.

The puddies and I aren’t the only complainers. Back in 1918, farmers weren’t too thrilled with the idea either. They said it screwed up their work schedules and confused the inner clocks of their sheep, cows, roosters, and pigs, who felt they got up early enough as it was. So folks went back to standard time, until World War II exploded, when we switched back to DST to save on fuel. After the war was over, though, some states switched back to Standard. (Are you still with me? The cats are yawning.)

Now, the theory is that DST is for the children. But, surely, kids who play Mortal Combat can’t be that afraid of the dark. And, as for keeping them safe, maybe designers could come up with some fashionable duds that catch on—awesome glow-in- the-dark school clothes and cool miner-like halogen helmets, for instance.

Point is, the constant yo-yoing is making the cats and I disoriented. So, I personally would love officials to leave the time one way or the other. Maybe put it on the ballot in an election year. Still, I guess I could always move. Arizona, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, the American Somoas don’t have DST at all. Anyone know a good realtor?

How about you? How do you feel about DST?


Allia Zobel Nolan is the author of over 150 titles, including Purr More; Hiss Less, and Laugh Out Loud available on Amazon

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