October 24, 2020

Podcast-New Service for rehoming dogs after a life changing event

DOG: Izzy ADOPTER: Jamie & Chris LOCATION: Hopkinton, MA ADOPTED FROM: Brown Dog Coalition “My husband and I had always talked about adopting and there was no other option for me other than rescuing a dog. One morning I started to search for rescues and stumbled upon How I Met My Dog. I thought what a great idea! I filled out the survey and our first match was Izzy! She was exactly what we were looking for, small-medium and around a year old, with some other specifics. The site made it super easy to match us with a dog that would match our personality. We enjoyed working with the adoption agency, Brown Dog Coalition after I applied for Izzy. We’ve only had her for a few days but we are so in love! It really made searching for a dog that would work with us much easier! If I hadn’t used HIMMD we probably would have just randomly searched for months before finding a dog! Thanks!” -Jaime & Chris




Jodi Anderson, co-founder of How I met My Dog, joins us to discuss a web service they started that through a very extensive algorithm helps shelters and rescues rehome dogs by matching very detailed criteria for the best pairing. Every match is a custom match.

  • 30 levels of human & dog compatibility
  • Great dogs from trusted rescues & families
  •  streamline the paperwork, too!

Every step of the process is FREE to the shelter and free to the adopter.  The adopter pays the shelter fees direct to the shelter.

This program greatly reduces shelter returns and surrenders, and its 100% free!

Listen to the details and how this was developed out of nothing but love of dogs and rescue.









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