October 29, 2020

New Method to Potty Train a Yorkshire Terrier

by Daniela Carrera, Certified Professional Dog Trainer

Yorkshire Terriers are one of the cutest dog breeds in USA. They are the 9th most popular dog breeds in USA. They come in variety of sizes. 

Very few people know that Yorkies are not only cute, they are an intelligent breed as well. Which means that their parents can use that intelligence to crate train, potty train or leash train their Yorkie by dedicating some time to the training. 


Yorkshire Terriers are said to be indoor dogs and spend very less time outside, especially if the parent spends less time outside as well. If you are tired of bringing your Yorkie puppy outside to pee and poop daily, you can learn this new method of Potty Training your Yorkshire puppy and apply this. 


Here are the steps you need to follow:


Step 1

You need to place some puppy pads down on the ground at a quiet corner of the house where your puppy never eats or sleep. Place these puppy pads in a way that it covers several square feet on the ground. 

It would be much better if that quiet corner is easily cleanable, such as a tile. 


Step 2

Now, Feed your Yorkie puppy and wait for 20 minutes after he has eaten his meal. Then, take your Yorkie to the Indoor dog potty spot where you have placed the puppy potty pads. 

There are three times when your Yorkie would eliminate. These are “first thing in the morning”, “after a meal”, and “after exercising”. Ensure that you bring your Yorkie to the indoor dog potty spot after those three occasions. 


Step 3 

Now, command your dog to Potty by saying something like “Go Potty” and if your dog eliminates, click the clicker and reward this behavior with tasty treats. 

Otherwise, keep your dog on a leash or in a crate for 15 minutes and then take him to the potty spot again and pass the command. Repeat the command until he finally eliminates. 

Step 4 

Don’t forget to praise your dog verbally and reward his behavior with his favorite treats if he eliminates on the potty pad. This encourages this behavior in your Yorkshire Terrier. 

If you ever observe him pooping anywhere in the house, clap your hands and interrupt him. Immediately, take him to the spot and pass him the command. 

Do not get irritated or frustrated if your Yorkie doesn’t poop on that spot. Good things takes time ☺


Step 5

When you are not present at home, confine your dog to a small area. Use a pet gate to restrict him from going to other parts of the house. Ensure that your dog has all the supplies of water, food and toys with him in that area. 

This prevents your dog from eliminating in other spots of your home.


Step 6

Make sure you clean your dog’s potty anywhere else in the house with enzymatic cleaner. If not done, it attracts your dog back to that area. 


Step 7

Our goal is to train our Yorkie to a point where only one puppy pad is needed. So, reduce the amount of puppy pads slowly every week. 

Once your Yorkie starts to consistently eliminate in the same spot, begin using just one puppy potty pad. 

It will take a good amount of time to reach upto that level. Do not get frustrated and be patient and consistent. Dog Training takes consistency and patience, especially if your Yorkie is a stubborn type. 

Here is the Video which will teach you with another method of Potty Training your Yorkshire Terrier. 


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