March 5, 2021

Bumblesnot-A Gentle King of His Castle Who Steals Our Hearts

By Buster Boy


Hello my pups, Buster Boy here with another interview with a new friend- Bumblesnot.


Tell us about your home and your human. It looks like you have trained him pretty well. Does he give you plenty of bacon?

I live with The Tall Man (my human dad) and The Dark Haired Lady (my human mom), as well as The Little Girl (my human sister). I also have two human older brothers… The Young Army Man and The Young Navy Man. They are both currently serving in the US military and are stationed away from home. Most of my care comes from TDHL. She’s the one who feeds me, expresses my bladder when necessary, and takes care of my every need. Yes, I have her trained pretty well. TTM sits next to me on the couch when he’s home from work and keeps me company throughout the day. Unfortunately, I only get bacon twice a year.. on my birthday (Feb. 25th) and Christmas. I work on getting that changed every single day, but so far, to no avail.

They call you a senior, do you feel like a senior?
I’m 14 years old. I was adopted at age 8 from a local shelter and shortly after, began losing feeling in my back legs. Within a year, I could no longer use my back legs, so my family got me a K9 Cart (doggie wheelchair) to help me get around. Sadly, within a few more years I also lost mobility and strength in my front legs. I cannot stand on my own or walk any longer. I need help to go potty. I’m fed by hand. I’ve lost 85% of my eyesight. So, yes, I do feel like a senior physically, although not mentally.

What sort of things do you do to amuse your human?
I like to make funny noises, silly faces and rub my face against his leg when he sits next to me.

How do you get along with your other family members? Do you ever feel like you have to compete with them for your humans attention?
I have 3 canine siblings: The Kid (male Pug, age 6), The Itsy Pug (female Pug, age 12), and The Wee One (male Chiweenie, age 5). I don’t feel as though I have to compete with them, since everyone knows I am the King of the house and command (and receive) respect. I also have one feline sibling, The Sneaky Cat (female tuxedo cat, age 6). She likes to lay on my special spot on the couch when I’m not there. We are all rescue pets.

How did you get the name Bumblesnot?
The Tall Man named me. My original name out of the shelter was “Buddy Love”. TDHL and TLG still call me Buddy. But TTM didn’t like that name, so he came up with “The Bumblesnot”. Anyone who knows me, knows that I generate a lot of SNOT. Plus (before I lost my mobility) I used to “bumble about” the house.. hence, The Bumblesnot!

How do you like being an internet star?
It doesn’t really affect me much. However, I’m glad to be able to reach so many people through Facebook (, Instagram (@thebumblesnot) and Twitter (@bumblesnot) in order to spread my “Adopt! Don’t Shop!” message! We are all about pet rescue and adoption, especially seniors and those with special needs (like me). There are so many loving animals waiting in shelters throughout the world for their forever homes. No one should ever buy a pet.

What do you want your fans to know about you?
I have a Zazzle store where I sell merchandise featuring images of myself and The Bumble Bunch ( ALL PROCEEDS are donated to pet rescue organizations! To date, we have raised and donated nearly $10,000 to pet rescue and look forward to donating even more in the years to come.

Thank you Bumble. May I call you Bumble?

Sure thing! Or Mr. Snot, if you’re being formal.

We should get together over a plate of bacon. I will bring cheese.  I will have my pups get in touch with your pups to work out the details.


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