March 4, 2021

Buddy is a Special, Special Little Dog


This is Buddy. A 2 year old little dog that has endured the unthinkable. A few days ago he was found in the pouring rain. When the finder picked him up they noticed he was missing both his back legs.Finder posted looking for owner. No one came forward and we reached out to help him. We brought him straight to our vet

.After a examination the Doctor determined what happened to Buddy was done deliberately!! Buddy’s back legs were intentionally sawed off!!He has bone sticking out and infection setting in. Due to blood loss he had to have a blood transfusion today in order to survive. His wounds were cleaned. He had an IV and urinary catheter placed and is now on IV antibiotics and pain meds until his values come up enough to survive surgery. His Xrays also show he has 2 bullets near his back.



Buddy is one of seven special needs dogs in the family household, and he feels right at home!

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