January 17, 2021

Make an ATV Dog-Friendly

Nowadays pet dogs are keeping a company at almost every adventure. Is it relatable to ATV riding? Yes! With proper training and safety precautions, your dog can join your trip on a four-wheeler.


You may be wondering how to ride a quad duly so your companion won’t slip off. Here are useful tips that will help you slay riding an ATV with a tailed passenger at hand.

ATV Train Your Dog

If you’ve never done this before, riding a four-wheeler with your dog can be challenging.

You should know your dog well. If you are thinking that someone else can teach your pet, then this might not be a good idea. Even though your dog is a great companion on a trip, his safety should come first.


Start with the engine off. You don’t even need to ride an ATV first as long as you keep your dog on it. Make your pet sit still at the back of the wheeler. Start rocking the quad gently back and forth to get the dog used to balance. If it goes well, reward your puppy with a treat for a good job.

Starting the ATV

If your dog wants to jump off the quad and run away, he’s probably not ready for the ride. Once your pet is comfortable with the four-wheeler, you can try starting the engine of the ATV while your companion is already on it. This should help the animal to get used to the noise.


The time is ripe to take off. Your first ride with your buddy should be as slow as possible. The rocking motion will be quite different from the quad riding on the road. Start at a speed that won’t hurt your dog if he gets scared and tries to jump off. You can increase the speed as you and your dog become more comfortable together. Eventually, you’ll end up going on regular trips at higher speeds.


How to Ride an ATV with a Dog

Some riders tend to carry their little dogs at hand while riding. At heart, to be more precise. They hide a puppy in their jacket to keep it warm. The animal has enough space to feel cozy on the ride. On the other hand, the jacket keeps the pet tight so it couldn’t drop off.


That’s a common way for those who own a small dog. However, it’s not the safest one. In case of an urgent stop, you don’t know how the dog would react. Besides, you need a clear vision while riding. Constant dog’s moving in front of your face could distract you. That’s why you should follow safety guidelines and consider dog-friendly accessories while riding an ATV. Let’s get the hang of it.

ATV Safety for Dogs

When we hop on a four-wheeler, we want to keep our pets protected. Fortunately, there are several solutions to keep your puppy safe on the road.


Eye protection is in our opinion the most important part of a dog’s safety gear. When facing the wind, they catch a lot of dust and debris while riding. Thus, covering their eyes is a must. You may consider Doggles that are specially designed for dogs who are fond of taking a spin!


If you keep your dog in a jacket, clothing may not be as important. But if your companion is sitting at the back of the wheeler, he can get cold in the wind. Yes, there is dog clothing that is designed to provide some protection. The gear can be water- and winterproof. Some pet stores provide such riding apparel.


If you want to try riding with your dog, it can be really fun and exciting for the two of you. But there’s still some risk and you must pay the utmost attention to the safety of your companion. Make sure both of you are fully geared up before going on a trip.

Ways to Carry a Dog

There’s a range of dog-friendly ATV accessories you may find on the market. The most common carriers are the following.

Dog Carrier Backpack

If you want your pet to stay still during the ride, the backpack is a good choice. The bag is designed to carry small dogs that are also good for sick or injured animals. You don’t need to worry you will be distracted as the companion is resting behind your back.


The shape of the backpack resembles the baby carrier. It usually comes with adjustable straps and breathable padding to make it comfy to use. Such gear is budget-friendly and you can use it not only while riding. It’s good for camping, hiking, biking, and walking too.

ATV Dod Seat

If you want to provide your dog with more space, consider an ATV dog seat. As its name implies, the gear creates an extra sitting spot. You should attach the seat to the back of the four-wheeler. Such a seat is usually thick-padded to provide a convenient ride.


Depending on the manufacturers, you may find a seat with spacious compartments all over the good. That’s a great perk as you can keep the dog’s stuff in them. The seat is easy to install, you just need to fasten the straps to the ATV’s back up. Keep in mind such gear is good for smooth riding but not for bumpy roads.

ATV Dog Basket

If fabric bags seem not as safe as you desire, how about metal baskets? They are roomy enough to handle big breeds with no probs. Such a basket has usually a metal mesh design that is great for warm weather.

The installation is similar to the dog seat. Besides, the dog carriers have a door to let the animal in. Another feature is that there are high metal edges all over the basket for better safety while riding.

ATV Dog Box

The ATV dog box is the most enhanced ATV carrier. The back carries are typically designed with a latching top platform and a front door. There are also models available to carry two dogs at a time.


The locking platforms provide a secure ride while the owner is tackling the bumpy trails. The metal mesh provides good ventilation. There’s enough space to store your dog’s favorite goodies as well.

The Bottom Line

ATV riders tend to take their tailed friends with them on a ride. If you decide to share your adventure with your companion, make sure your four-wheeler is dog-friendly. You may consider investing in ATV accessories that can create a comfortable seat for your buddy. So you don’t need to worry about your dog while riding. Ride safely!


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