About Us/Contact

About Us/Contact

About Us/Contact

Pet Radio Magazine was formed in 2012

We feature articles by well known authors and bloggers, as well as upcoming writers.

Pet Radio and Buster and Dickens are the sole ownership and managed by Robert Hudson, Keizer, Oregon.

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Visit our group on Facebook: Loving all Pets. We have group experts in dog training, Cats, TNR, Birds, Reptiles, amphibians, rodents, pet pigs, pet rescue, vets and more.

About Us/Contact– On this blog you will find categories such as dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, medical and health, small animals and rescue. We have in depth feature articles that include input from experienced pet owners. We have breed info, senior pets and short posts about tips for care and well being. Although we are no longer making new podcasts, you will find our best podcasts from the past 10 years. We now feature many of the best pet podcasts from around the WEB.

You will also find article series here. Living with Giants is a series of articles about life with large breed dogs and Senior Moments is about Senior Dogs. These are our first to kick this off. Stay tuned for more.

Living with Giants

Senior Moments

Living with Cerebellar Hypoplasia

Foster Tails

We are not corporate owned, we are not affiliate based. We are just a a blog owned by a slightly cranky old man and a tired dog.

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