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    • Josh and his critters

4 Cats Compared to Grumpy Cat


Over the past couple of years, the internet media has been determined to name a cat as the new Grumpy Cat. How many do you remember? We found four including the latest want to be celebrity.   Garfi Garfi lives in Turkey with Hulya Ozkok and made a splash in 2014 as … Continue reading

A Dog Changes the Life of an Autistic, Blind, and Epileptic Child


  Tom Penders is the father of a teenager named Becky. She is autistic. She is also many other things. “She was born with a condition called Bilateral Anophthalmia (born without eyes and optic nerves),” he says. “At 5 she was diagnosed with autism and at 10 years she developed … Continue reading

Dog and Animal Trainer Brandon McMilan, CBS Series Lucky Dog Host, Speaks With Us


This week we were honored to speak with celebrity trainer and animal behaviorist and host of the Emmy-nominated television series Lucky Dog, Brandon McMillan. Brandon  is an animal trainer and behaviorist who has spent his entire life learning about and working with all types of animals—from household pets to the wildest of … Continue reading

Shelter Director gives wheels and home to cat with damaged spinal cord


Abused, disfigured and abandoned, Emerson the cat had a rough start in life.   His injuries left him unable to use his rear legs, unable to urinate and difficulty eating and drinking on his own. In most shelters around the country this would mean a death sentence, but not at … Continue reading

Doggie Fashion Week Top Ten

1st place winner Harley the Biker Dog

Dog Euphoria is a Facebook group community of dog lovers and this week held a whimsical and fun fashion/dress up photo contest and asked Pet Radio to choose the final ten.  Choosing ten out of a long list of entries was tough enough. I let the Admin of the group … Continue reading

Soldier Serving in Kuwait Saves Kitten and Kitten Saves Soldier


Staff Sergeant Daryl Casey is on his third deployment to the Middle East with the Kentucky Army National Guard, but this time he has a companion “When we first got here, we were just getting settled in and there was a mama cat who was kind of hanging around our area Not too … Continue reading