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Couple in Oregon wins lawsuit of $240K over dog barking

  MEDFORD– An Oregon couple who sued their neighbors because of their constantly barking dogs was awarded nearly $240,000 in damages. The Mail Tribune reports that a Jackson County jury found in favor of Dale and Debra Krein of Rogue River, awarding damages for what was described as more than a decade … Continue reading

Inmates Caring for Shelter Cats While Learning Life Lessons

A program at the Pendleton Correctional Facility called FORWARD, which stands for Felines and Offenders Rehabilitation with Affection, Reformation and Dedication,  is giving shelter cats a new home, while teaching inmates some responsibility and perhaps sensitivity. A dozen cats live in a revamped office space within prison walls. Several screened prisoners … Continue reading

Lil Bub Teams Up With Norbert the Dog-The Cutest Animal Couple EVER!

  The cuteness on the snuggle bug meter is off the scale since both Lil Bub and Norbert put out a teaser today on their social media that they are teaming up for a new book.  Mike Bridavsky promised Pet Radio that a detailed announcement of the partnership will be made tomorrow … Continue reading

Susan Thixton and the Truth About Pet Food

Just like so many pet owners, Susan Thixton learned the ‘truth’ about pet foods the hard way. Her four legged best friend, Sam, died from bone cancer. From that day forward, Susan studied the pet food industry. TruthaboutPetFood.com began in 2004; today pet owners from all over the world visit … Continue reading