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  • 21 Jan 2017

    Meet Teddy the Spaz Man-The Funny Dog With a Million Expressions

      by Buster Boy   I am Chairman of the Bone at Pet Radio, and this is my first interview!  My tail is twitching with excitement from interviewing Teddy the Spaz Man, the funny dog with a million ...

  • 19 Jan 2017

    5 Kitty GIFs That Are Too Cute!

    We searched for the five cutest kitty GIFs and this is what we found!         Tweet

  • 18 Jan 2017

    5 Special Needs Kitties Make a Special Home in Croatia

      by Mirna and Ivan Markovina   The story of our unique family was not planned. We didn’t go and search for special need cats.  They have a way of finding us. It all started when we fell in love with Zlayo. Our ...

  • 17 Jan 2017

    How to Keep Loving Your Challenging Pet

        by Peggy Frezon   My little spaniel-mix Kelly is asleep on the cold hardwood floor only a foot away from the plush, fleecy doggy bed I gave her, as if she’s forgotten it exists. Has she forgotten me ...


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    Dolores Swirin-Yao, President and CEO of Bideawee, one of the country’s oldest and most respected animal welfare and pet adoption organizations, shares answers to a variety of questions about charitable giving and tax deductions with some special information about pet and animal-related charities.   Robert also brings you some special holiday cheer that you MUST...

  • SMART-Specialized Mobile Animal Rescue Team and The Documentary-PODCAST

    SMART is the only search and rescue team for animals in the entire country and serves the city of Los Angeles. They perform amazing rescues of wild animals, livestock, and domestic pets and this award winning documentary highlights some of their best moments and chronicals the teams journey for three years. I interview the producer and...

  • Podcast: Pinups For Pitbulls

    Deirdre ‘Little Darling’ Franklin, President & CEO of Pinups for Pitbulls and co-author of the book , The Pitbull Life, discusses the progression in her journey of working in rescue and changing these dogs image. Tweet

  • Podcast: Dying Dog Gets To Live Like a King and the Result is a Miracle

    You may have read the news stories that went viral last week about the dog named  Maverick who was dying of cancer and on his death bed and was given the royal treatment by the dogs guardians in his final night, wheeling him around town to excite his senses and give him a happy send off....