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Carpet Cleaner Product Kills Cat and Bird in a Small House

Investigators blame a carpet-cleaning product for the deaths of two pets in Lakewood,Washington after a man reported a suspicious odor coming from his home Saturday. He told firefighters just before 11 a.m. that he returned to his house in the 8600 block of Moreland Avenue Southwest and found his cat … Continue reading

Pretty in Pink Cat Dies-Woman Says the Dye was to Have Healing Properties

A cat has dropped dead after its eccentric owner dyed it PINK. Russian author Lena Lenina gave a little kitten a makeover for a ‘pretty in pink party’ where all the guests, the cat included, had to wear pink. Eyewitnesses at the party told Russian media the kitty became frantic and spent the whole … Continue reading

Bill making it illegal to leave your dog in a locked car in Washington passes

OLYMPIA, Wash. – A bill that makes it a civil offense to lock a pet in a car under “dangerous conditions” has passed without opposition at the Washington state Senate. Senators approved the bill 49-0 Friday morning to expand Washington’s animal-protection laws. If the bill becomes law, it would create a … Continue reading

Woman sentenced to jail for euthanizing neighbor’s dog

A  woman who took a neighbor’s dog and had it euthanized was sentenced today to three to six months in the Allegheny County Jail and was ordered to pay a $1,000 fine. Mark Boehler of Spring Hill, Pittsburgh, was undergoing treatment for stage 3 esophageal cancer when his neighbor, Gisele … Continue reading

Lost Cat Returned to 80 Year Old Woman After 3 years

WINTHROP, Maine- 80-year old Leslie Gilman got the surprise of her life when her phone rang at her home in Winthrop, Maine . Gilman’s orange Tabby cat named Sugar was missing since 2012. After searching for several months with out  finding her, she eventually gave up and  adopted two new cats in an … Continue reading

Owner of Dog Dragged in Hall of Shelter Speaks Out

The dog shown in the video being dragged down a hall in Hesperia Animal Shelter belongs to Tracie Carpenter. The dog is reported to be a five or six year old female named Mia. Mia had escaped from home and was picked up by shelter workers. Carpenter told reporters that … Continue reading