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Mojo the Cat Saved From the Brink of Death with CPR

Telford, England- A cat named Mojo was thought to be dead when firefighters first found the motionless body on the floor of a room full of black smoke amidst a fire that started in an attic.   When firefighters brought the two year old cat outside, they really did not expect to … Continue reading

Homeless Man Saves Abandoned Dog and says “I’m no Hero”

  MOBILE, AL (WALA) –A homeless man’s act of kindness that saved a dog’s life may lead to a home for the injured animal. Lady is a 2-year-old mixed breed dog who shows very little signs of her former neglect. Otis, who is homeless himself discovered the dog outside a homeless … Continue reading

Biker and His Dog Travel the Country to Raise Money for Children of Deceased Vets

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – Living on the road with his dog Scooter, Adam Sandoval is traveling the lower 48 states on his Harley to raise awareness and money for Children who have lost their parents in active duty. Adam and Scooter are visiting all 696 Harley Davidson dealers in the … Continue reading

Two Seeing Eye Dogs Help Blind Senior Dog and Will Not Leave Her Side

  SOUTHFIELD, Mich. – A dog who lost both of her eyes due to glaucoma may not be able to see, but that’s not slowing her down thanks to her two canine “brothers.” Kiaya, a 10-year-old Akita from Waterford, Mich., battled glaucoma for two years before losing one eye and … Continue reading

National Dog Bite Prevention Week: It’s Not The Breed-It’s Common Sense

Every Bite is Avoidable This week is National Dog Bite Prevention Week, a time to educate the public about preventing dog bites. It’s important to know that 99% of dogs are not born aggressive; it is up to their owners to ensure their safety as well as the safety of those … Continue reading

Andre the Giant is Living in a Pet Feed Store and is One of The Largest Domestic Cats

  Andre the Giant measures 30 inches from the top of his head to the BASE of his tail and weighs close to 30 pounds. He was found as a stray in November and weighed only 16 pounds; definitely underweight for the size of his frame. He came to the Cat … Continue reading

Freeway The Cat Officially Adopted by His Rescuer

After more than 30 days of being rescued from the freeway, two surgeries and more than $1,000 in medical care, Freeway the Miracle Cat is getting a permanent home with the man who rescued him. On Thursday Richard Christianson posted photos on Facebook showing Freeway feeling right at home. Richard has … Continue reading