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Martian Cat?- No, this cat was saved from a fire with a special oxygen mask

A cat in New Orleans has his mojo working thanks to firefighters who brought him back to life with a special oxygen mask made for cats and dogs. The apparent lifeless cat was pulled from the flames and smoke of a kitchen fire  in the Seventh ward area of the city, reports FOX … Continue reading

Sometimes it Takes a Village to Make a Miracle


IT TAKES A VILLAGE A tearful reunion In May 2015, two cats were surrendered as strays to Animal Humane in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Per the shelter’s  intake policy, they routinely scanned the cats and found that both had microchips – and surprisingly, were registered to a woman residing in Fishers, … Continue reading

62 Hair bands, 8 pairs of Panties, and 1 Bandage Removed From Dogs Stomach

If your personal items seem to be disappearing from your home, you may want to check with your dog. An eight year old black lab named Tiki was brought to Good Shepherd Veterinary Hospital this week in Mars, Pennsylvania where it was discover there was 62 hair bands, 8 pairs of … Continue reading

Dog Who Spent 14 Years On a Chain Is Set Free and Plays on Grass For The First Time

Bear is a large sheepdog who spent 14 years chained to a spike outside in Fayette City, PA enduring all the elements of the harsh Winter and hot Summer, now has a new lease on life. “I would imagine that in Bear’s lifetime, he’s had limited freedom,” said Liesa Collier, … Continue reading