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Outrage over Dog Shooting Goes Viral


Corgi owners around the nation are rallying around a slain Washington state dog, calling for the harshest penalty for the man charged with killing Molly, a Pembroke Welsh corgi. A Facebook page called “Justice for Molly the Corgi” has garnered nearly 5,000 followers as of Saturday. The corgi owners are spearheading … Continue reading

Strut Your Mutt

By: Michelle Sathe  via Best Friends.org It was 1995 when Best Friends Animal Society® started a small dog walk event in its home state of Utah. Back then, even the most optimistic animal welfare enthusiast could not have imagined the community event growing to a multi-million dollar fundraiser benefiting hundreds … Continue reading

Do you support an ownership ban on hybrid cat breeds? Take our poll

  Currently the Animal Legal Defense Fund and Big Cat Rescue is petitioning the state of California to outlaw the breeding, sale, and ownership of any “hybrid” breed of cat. The three main breeds are Bengal, Savannah, and Chausie, all of which  were originally cross bred with a wild cat … Continue reading

Savannah Cat- The Largest Domestic Cat

General Description The Savannah is a tall lean graceful cat with striking dark spots and other bold markings. It is a domestic breed which closely resembles its ancestral source, the African Serval, but is smaller in stature. It is affectionate and outgoing, with exceptionally long neck, legs, and tall ears, … Continue reading

4 Places My Cats Like to Sleep … That Are Not Their Beds

by Angie Bailey photos by the author unless otherwise noted   My cats are pretty spoiled. They enjoy a large cat tower with all kinds of platforms and hidey-holes. They also have several cat beds located in various parts of our house. Sure, they like the beds I carefully chose … Continue reading

The Bengal-one of the most popular cat breeds with a wild history


The Bengal is a hybrid breed of domestic cat. Bengals result from crossing a domestic feline with an Asian leopard cat (ALC), Prionailurus bengalensis bengalensis. The name “Bengal cat” was derived from the taxonomic name of the Asian leopard cat (P. b. bengalensis), and not from the more distantly related Bengal tiger. They have a “wild” appearance with … Continue reading