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Dog Who Spent 14 Years On a Chain Is Set Free and Plays on Grass For The First Time

“You know what? I think he’s happy now.  He’s free to walk around this whole yard and do whatever he wants.” Bear is a large sheepdog who spent 14 years chained to a spike outside in Fayette City, PA enduring all the elements of the harsh Winter and hot Summer, … Continue reading

Texas Vet Who Bragged about Killing a Cat with a Bow and Arrow Will Not Be Charged

BRENHAM, Texas – Austin County Grand Jury returns with a “no bill” against Brenham veterinarian who bragged about killing a cat with a bow and arrow. “No Bill” means insufficient evidence. That means Kristen Lindsey will not be charged.   Press Release from Austin County DA’s Office: The investigation of … Continue reading

Nearly 100 Cats Rescued From Hoarder and Going up for Adoption

Oregon- Nearly 100 cats rescued from a hoarder in Klamath County, Oregon. Klamath County Animal Control requested the assistance of Oregon Humane Society in finding homes for the cats as there are no other shelters in Oregon capable of handling such a huge influx of animals. The rescue is one of … Continue reading

50 dollar fine and Threat of Eviction For Feeding Stray Cats

A war is brewing in Salem, Oregon between elderly residents who are feeding stray cats in a mobile home park, residents who want the cats gone, and a property management company that has now decided to impose fines against the residents who are feeding the cats and threatening to evict … Continue reading

Woman arrested for feeding and neutering stray cats

I do not usually make personal comments on news stories, but this is just too upsetting. If you do not agree with me then consider this an editorial! Last September, Debbie Manzione was on her way home from the mall in Chesapeak, Virginia when a cat ran out in front … Continue reading

The Internet’s Most Famous Therapy Dog Loses Credentials Because of the Biker Image

The Internets most famous therapy dog, Chopper the Biker Dog, has lost his therapy dog certification from Pet Partners after being certified for five years because of the biker costume and the image associated with it. In an exclusive interview on Pet Radio, Mark Shaffer spoke to us publicly for … Continue reading

Mojo the Cat Saved From the Brink of Death with CPR

Telford, England- A cat named Mojo was thought to be dead when firefighters first found the motionless body on the floor of a room full of black smoke amidst a fire that started in an attic.   When firefighters brought the two year old cat outside, they really did not expect to … Continue reading

Homeless Man Saves Abandoned Dog and says “I’m no Hero”

  MOBILE, AL (WALA) –A homeless man’s act of kindness that saved a dog’s life may lead to a home for the injured animal. Lady is a 2-year-old mixed breed dog who shows very little signs of her former neglect. Otis, who is homeless himself discovered the dog outside a homeless … Continue reading

Biker and His Dog Travel the Country to Raise Money for Children of Deceased Vets

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – Living on the road with his dog Scooter, Adam Sandoval is traveling the lower 48 states on his Harley to raise awareness and money for Children who have lost their parents in active duty. Adam and Scooter are visiting all 696 Harley Davidson dealers in the … Continue reading

Two Seeing Eye Dogs Help Blind Senior Dog and Will Not Leave Her Side

  SOUTHFIELD, Mich. – A dog who lost both of her eyes due to glaucoma may not be able to see, but that’s not slowing her down thanks to her two canine “brothers.” Kiaya, a 10-year-old Akita from Waterford, Mich., battled glaucoma for two years before losing one eye and … Continue reading