September 19, 2020

You Can Actually Have Your Dog Cloned For Just … $100,000


You say that Skippy is getting a little long in the teeth? Or worse yet maybe he doesn’t have very many teeth at all these days.

You love Skippy and you know it’s going to be hard to let him go. But what if you could have him cloned?

Well, if you have $100,000, maybe you can.

A woman in London recently won a contest to have her dachshund cloned. The contest was sponsored by Sooam Biotech. This woman along with thousands of others submitted a video of her dog, Winnie along with inspiring reasons why the dog should be cloned.

How this works

The way cloning works is that Sooam took samples of the dog’s skin to get her DNA. This was then implanted in the egg of the dog of the same, breed which was then implanted into a surrogate mother dog.

Not really your dog

Of course, the cloned puppy is not an exact duplicate of your dog. It will be a genetic twin or duplicate but as you well know, twins can be very different. While one of the things you might have loved about your dog is its disposition, playfulness and other character traits, there is no guarantee that this is what you’ll get in the cloned dog. What you’re basically getting is a blank canvas.

Would you be willing to spend $100,000 to get your dog cloned?

You’d have to love your dog a lot to have it cloned for $100,000. And we suppose there are people who love their dogs to the point where they would be willing to spend that much money. However, we would take a pass. As much as we love our dogs, we would elect to adopt a shelter dog so that we could experience the fun of learning its personality – quirks and all.

-Douglas Hanna, Webmaster The Healthy Dog Times

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