June 16, 2021

Woof Wednesday- A Crate Bed


My dog Buster will chew up any kind of bedding material: cushions, pillows, blankets, anything I have tried to make his crate more comfortable does not last very long. Kuranda beds appears to be the answer I have been looking for.

Kuranda beds are designed like a cot, with a frame that supports a vinyl material a few inches above the ground. Their crate bed has legs short enough to still raise the bed above  the bottom of the crate while still allowing enough head room.


A pad or blanket may be put over the cot for additional comfort if your dog is not a chewer, or the cot may be used by itself. The material is taught and durable giving nothing for the dog to grab onto in order to chew, and the frame is chew resistant as well.

The cot provides great orthopedic support for any dog and is particularly helpful for senior dogs and dogs with special needs. It is available in different sizes to fit your dog and the size of the crate.

The price is very affordable ranging from $53.95 for a toy to 73.95 for a large and 118.95 for an XXlarge. The beds are very easy to clean and to assemble.

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