June 16, 2021

Woman Asks Town to Outlaw Outdoor Cats Because They Deficate on Her Lawn


In Albany, Oregon,  Sheri Wheeler asked her town council to outlaw outdoor cats…not because she has a great concern for the welfare of the cats, but because they deficate on her property.


She walked into the town meeting with a bag full of cat crap to show the council the torture she has had to endure.


“I had to clean this up,” she said, noting that the feces contain bacteria and sometimes parasites that could pose a health risk for anyone with lowered immune systems.


Wheeler’s solution? A new ordinance.


Wheeler told the council that her goal wasn’t necessarily to control the feral cat population but to limit cats from using public and private property as a restroom.


Wheeler asked the council to consider making it illegal for domesticated cats to roam freely outdoors and that all feral cats automatically become property of the city to be adopted out or “disposed of.”


“I’m retired,” she told the council. “I have the time and the ability and the resources to help create laws and put them in practice to begin to deal with this issue.”


This ordinance presumably would make TNR colonies illegal, and since true ferals cannot be tamed for adoption,  then this woman wants them euthanized….because they pee on her flowers.


What do you think of this woman’s plan? There are certainly health benefits to keeping your cat indoors, but to make it a law and have outdoor cats killed?  What would you like to tell this woman?




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