November 27, 2020

Why Your Dog Should Use a Hurtta



If your dog is a massive fan of outdoor activities, like swimming, running, jumping, or just being in the open air, then you need to find the right outfit and gear for your furry friend. Hurtta designs outfits and gears to help you and your dog get the best experience out of your outdoor adventures. You may be wondering, why Hurtta? Here are five great reasons why your dog should use Hurtta dog apparel and gear. 


Five Reasons Why Your Dog Should Use a Hurtta


  • Serves as a Life Jacket


For adventurous dog owners, Hurtta allows you to take your dog on water-based activities. The clothing and accessories provide the perfect way to protect your water-loving furry friend from getting hurt, drowning, and even getting lost in the turbulent waters without taking away their fun.


Hurtta life jackets come specifically designed for all sorts of water-related activities like swimming, sailing, and other water sports and activities. It is designed in the most liberating way possible to allow for flexibility, so it doesn’t interfere with the movements of your beloved dog. The Hurtta life jackets come in various bright colors that are appealing to the eye and easy to spot in any body of water. 

Protection from Different Weather Conditions


If your aim is to protect your dog from extreme weather conditions while enjoying a good time in the outdoors, then Hurtta apparel is your best bet. Be it super-hot summertime or cold winter weather, there are Hurtta outfits for all kinds of weather to keep your furry friend protected.


The lightweight jackets are best suited for hot summer outings. It allows for easy air circulation, cooling effects to balance body temperature, and is made from non-stick materials that won’t stick to your dog’s fur. For the extreme winter chills, Hurtta Canada has winter coats and jackets designed with inner linings to maintain body heat, a hoody to shield from any falling snow, and will keep your four-legged friend comfy and warm.


  • Helps Your Dog Enjoy Outdoor Fun Without Restrictions


For super active dogs that enjoy spending quality time in the great outdoors, Hurtta outfits and gears come fitted perfectly for an outing day with adequate protection. Your dog can enjoy a full day of activities without holding back, and you can take your dog out for quality outdoor adventure without worrying about their safety.


With a comfortable Hurtta harness, you can go camping with your dog, take a good walk around the park, and run around without feeling held back. The harness is designed to hold your dog securely in place, giving you reasonable control of your pet’s movements. The harness is also designed to make your dog as comfortable as possible, distributing pressure evenly around its back. 


  • Fashionable and Safe Outfits for Your Dog


One of the many reasons why your dog should use a Hurtta is because of the fashion appeal it holds. Hurtta gears and outfits come in different styles, sizes, and colors to keep your pet fashionable. That way, you can always ensure you and dog step out in style for your outdoor activities.  


These designs aren’t only fashionable, but they’re also safe for your dog to wear. Hurtta gears and outfits are made with your pet’s safety in mind. Made from eco-friendly materials, the kits and outfits are designed for comfort, easy movement, built-in features to prevent bacteria’s growth within the material. They’re also purposely designed for visibility in the dark.


  • Allows for Rainy Day Adventures


Rainy days have nothing on you and your four-legged friend outdoor adventures when you have Hurtta apparel and gear. Hurtta gears and outfits come fitted and ready for all kinds of adventures, including a rainy-day outing. 


If you’re going on an extensive outdoor experience like hiking with your dog, and you’re worried about encountering light or heavy showers along the course of your adventure, Hurtta outfits have you covered even on a rainy day.


Hurtta rainy outfits are made with rain-proof material that allows your furry friend to enjoy that hike without getting wet. With the in-built body heat regulatory design, your dog can stay warm and cozy in the Hurtta rainy outfit without catching a cold. There’s also the protective hoody to shield the eyes from the rain.




Many dog owners enjoy having fun with their pets outside the house. However, before going on an outdoor activity, you need to ensure you have all your dog needs to have a fun and safe experience. Hurtta apparel and gears have you covered in all ways with products that encourage you and your dog to enjoy the best that nature has to offer. They provide dog outfits and gears that guarantee protection for any weather, a nice touch of fashion, and an endless possibility to explore with safety.



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