March 31, 2020

Who is at Fault Here- the Boy or the Dog?


In a recent news story by Fox 13 from Clearfield, Utah, an eight year old boy was attacked by three pitbulls.  Sounds pretty bad, but the circumstances that led up to it are not that simple, and the physical damage was fairly minor, (not a mauling).


Here is what happened:


The boy was playing ball in his own backyard when the ball landed on the other side of the fence of their neighbor who had three adult pit bulls.


“The dogs ran after him,” the boys Mother told local media. “They noticed him, got him to the ground, drug him across the yard a couple feet.” The Mother says she heard the commotion, ran over to rescue her son, but he had already been bitten.  The report says the boy suffered from some soft tissue damage, minor scrapes and abrasions, and puncture wounds.  The Mother also claimed she tried to get between the dogs and the boy, but the dogs were “relentless” and she ended up throwing the child over the fence.  Strangely, apparently, the Mother was not bitten or bothered by the dogs at all.


The dog owner’s uncle, Richard Palamara, lives in the home. He said to his knowledge, the boy was never given permission to enter the yard. He also said that no other children have ever jumped his fence before and the dogs have always behaved perfectly around other children.


Brian Smith, a Davis County Animal Control Field Supervisor, said any time multiple dogs get together, it creates a pack mentality.


“Something could set them off,” he said.


Here is the rub. The Mother wants the dogs taken away and declared dangerous,  and a lower bar to declare this because it was a multiple dog attack….a pack.


“My son went through so much trauma, and the fact that these animals are allowed to just stay there and are basically off the hook for attacking my son.”


Palamara is trying to work things out with the family. He said he feels awful for what happened.


“I do feel for the kid 100 percent,” he said. “I don’t feel like anybody should deserve what he went through. It must have been traumatic for him.”


The dogs are currently in quarantine and will be deemed dangerous. The owners are required to build a six-sided kennel to keep them in whenever the dogs are outside. They also must wear a muzzle unless they are in the kennel or house. If they go for a walk, they must be attended by an adult who is physically capable of handling them.


Do you think these dogs deserve to be deemed dangerous?


Should the family of the boy be held responsible?


read the original story from Fox 13


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