June 16, 2021

When Fate Intervenes In Reuniting Lost Dog-And It’s Amazing!


Can you imagine the horror of having your dog disappear from your property, and after an exhastive search, having to come to terms with it after four years go by, and then the dog returns to your doorstep out of the blue!


Thats what happened to Joel McDonald in Rowan County, North Carolina. One morning when he opened his front door, there was a German Shepard that looked very much like his beloved dog Molly.


“I didn’t know for sure but I thought it. And she just came and put her head in my lap and said ‘oh my,’” McDonald told WBTV


Joel decided to take this friendly pooch to a vet to check for a micro chip. He wanted proof. It had been four years after all!


They scanned the dog for a chip and found one. “We got a number!” the Tech shouted. After they checked the number they confirmed that this was indeed Joel’s dog Molly.


“I wasn’t expecting that. I’d already said she was gone,” McDonald said while fighting back tears.


If only Molly could tell us her adventures for the past four years, but Joel and his family do not seem to mind and with their family back together again, the McDonald’s are just excited to make up for the years they were apart.


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