July 9, 2020

Wagz Tails From The Shelter- Adventures of Tiny Tina

by Barbara Isherwood


Hi readers: Its Monty Mutt here again.  You may remember that in the last episode I promised to tell you the story of how Tiny Tina came to be at Wagz , so here goes. 





I first met Tiny Tina when she arrived at the shelter, I had been given the job of being the rescue centers official mascot and so I was responsible for welcoming new dogs.  It was a cold winter’s morning when the lovely Jen, one of the centers wonderful rescue team, came into the reception center with a small dog carrier.   Peering inside I saw the little pup huddled up; she was an unusual looking little bundle, with quirky lopsided ears, slightly crossed eyes and dirty white fur, which stuck out at strange angles from her gangly body.


I gave the pup a warm doggy welcome and she came a little closer to have a shy sniff before retreating to the back of the carrier.  It was a full week later before I next saw that little ball of fur and already she looked much better.  Her coat was bright white and she had gained a little weight.  That was when we had chance to have a little chat and Tina started to tell me her amazing story. 

She said that she and her brothers and sisters had lived with her mother in a house near the river.  They had been born a few weeks earlier and their mother was a lovely little white terrier.  They lived with a nice old lady who took good care of them and was very kind.  One day they were playing outside in the garden when it began to rain, big fat drops of water fell from the sky and the lady called them inside.  The rain went on for hours and hours, then days and days and seemed like it would never stop.    The nice lady looked out of the window and let out a gasp, shocked to see that the little stream at the bottom of the garden had grown into a big river.  A bubbling rush of muddy water was coursing through garden and edging its way toward the little cottage.   With a worried expression, the lady picked up the telephone and dialed quickly.

Sensing that all was not well Tina’s brothers and sisters began to whine and cry, their mother huddled her distressed pups together and tried to comfort them.  Tina had always been the bravest and boldest of the litter, she scampered to the glass door to try to see what was going on outside.  At that very moment, a man came rushing into the house and said the old lady needed to leave quickly.  Gathering some things together and gently placing her precious little doggie family into a carrier she rushed out with the man, not realizing that Tiny Tina had been left behind in the panic.

Tina scampered to the window and looked outside crying as she went, no longer bold and brave, the little pup was suddenly utterly alone and very scared.  Seeing the water edge up the garden path the little dog had the good sense to scramble up the stairs and hide in the bedroom.   Tina found a cozy spot by the bed the little pup snuggled down and closed her eyes, hoping her precious family would soon return and the rain would stop. 

It seemed like an age had passed; in fact, it was a few hours, but for a scared and lonely little pup the time dragged.  Her empty little tummy was aching as she climbed up onto the window sill, looking out she saw that at last the rain had eased and the river was no longer edging toward the little house, but lapping at the lawn and washing away the flower pots. 

Just then the man who had taken away her family appeared, wearing a big yellow cape and rubber boots he looked like a superhero to the tiny pup.   The man climbed over the side fence and strode up the path toward the cottage.  Tina was overjoyed and cried loudly; the man rushed into the bedroom and gently lifted the pup.  Tucking Tina inside his yellow mackintosh, he rushed out of the house and into the wild night.  Inside the shelter of the coat Tina felt that now she would be safe and all would be well.   The next thing she knew she was being lifted from her sanctuary and placed into a basket with her mother and her brothers and sisters.  Her mother licked the trembling pup and pushed her to get a drink as her brothers and sisters cried and whimpered their concerned greetings to the sister they thought they had lost.

After a long drink and a lovely sleep, Tina peeped out of the basket to take in her surroundings.  There seemed to be many people in a large hall, some were in groups talking quietly while other sat or lay on strange little beds.  It looked like they had not been the only family to escape the flood that night.   A group of little girls shyly came over and asked if they could pet Tina and her family.  They were clearly delighted when the lady said yes and the little girls sat on the floor by the dog’s bed happily chatting and gently stroking the pups and their mother.

Later the lights were dimmed and everyone in the hall settled down for the night.  Glad to be safe, but worried about the homes and possessions they had left behind.  Tina snuggled up to her family, she was just glad to be reunited with them.

The next day the rain had stopped completely and slowly people began to return to their homes.  Thankfully, there had not been too much damage done and the village community was able to get back to normal quite quickly.  That is except for the old lady who lived with Tina and her family.  She had become so scared after the flood that she did not want to go back to live in her cottage.  She had decided it was time to move to the town to live with her daughter and her family.   Sadly, they did not have space for all of the little doggie family and so the lovely old lady asked the people of the village to give new homes to the pups.  Many people had been charmed and enchanted by the little fluff balls in the church hall, on the night of the flood.  So thankfully, villagers adopted most of the litter, all that is except for Tiny Tina.    It seemed that nobody wanted to give a home to the cross-eyes puppy with wonky ears.   The old lady was left with no choice but to send Tiny Tina to Wagz Dog Rescue, in the hope that they could find a home for the unusual looking little dog.

And that dear reader is how Tiny Tina came to live at Wagz Dog Rescue Center, with me and the other rescued dogs.  But, her amazing adventure does not end there; in fact, her story has only just begun.  In the next episode, I will tell you how an unexpected series of events lead to an unlikely friendship and the hope of a better future for this special little dog.

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