April 9, 2020

Wagz Tails From The Shelter- Adventures of Tiny Tina Part 3

by Barbara Isherwood


Its Monty Mutt Here again readers, Welcoming you back to this the final installment, in the three-part story about my good friend and fellow resident here at Wagz Dog Rescue Center.

As you may recall in the last episode Tiny Tina had met and bonded deeply with the young soldier with the badly burned face.   This was all the more moving, since Tina herself had a facial disfigurement which I believed had sadly meant the lovely young dog had not been adopted, until now!

After that first meeting the young man, whose name was Aaron came every day to spend time with Tina.  He groomed her and took her for long walks, he taught her obedience and tricks, patiently and calmly spending hours with the young dog.  The bond between the two grew stronger day by and it was a joy for this old dog to see I can tell you.

On a warm Spring morning Aaron came to the shelter bright and early, he carried with him a new leash and collar which he proudly placed on Tina, she trotted out of her kennel happily ready for another fun day with her beloved Aaron.  But, this day was a very special day, as this was the day Tina did not just go for  walk, this was the day she walked out of the gates of Wagz forever, to start her new life as Aarons pet companion.

Aaron gently lifted the little dog into the dog crate and talked soothingly to her as they began their journey to his house and Tina’s new home. There was so much to take in as they arrived at the house, smells, sights and sounds all new and a little scary for the young dog.  But, with Aaron gently encouraging her Tina happily trotted by his side into her new home.


She had a new bed and lovely food to eat, but most of all she had her darling Aaron always there with her and Tina was so very happy.  They went for wonderful walks in the woods and to the dog park, it was blissful for a lively and active young dog and her owner.

One day one of the other soldiers from the program at Wagz visited and talked with Aaron and he seemed to become sad, so Tina went and comforted him and the other soldier.  They had been talking about other service people who were in hospital recovering from their injuries and how very unhappy they were.  As the two petted Tina they talked about how much these wounded warriors might benefit from the cuddles of a dog like Tiny Tina and how much she had helped Aaron since they met.


After the other soldier had gone Aaron seemed deep in thought, he spent a long time on the computer and then on the telephone to the leader of the program which had brought Aaron to Wagz.  From what Tina could understand they were coming up with an idea, a new program which could help the recently wounded service people and Tina was going to be part of it.


A few days later Aaron got a parcel in the mail and in it was a smart new jacket for Tina, it was like an army uniform for a dog and it had the words Tiny Tina Service Dog embroidered on the side, it suited Tina very well.  The next day Aaron put on his uniform and dressed Tina in hers, taking time to groom her and straighten her collar as he talked gently to her about where they were going and what they would be doing.


Lifting Tina into her carrier Aaron set off on the short journey to the local military hospital, where the staff were clearly expecting the two of them, judging by the fuss they made of Tina and her master as they walked onto the ward.

Tina’s sensed the sadness, pain and suffering of the men and women gathered there and she set to work visiting with each and every one of them.  Some wanted to play and have fun, others wanted to talk to Tina and stroke her soft coat and one man, well he just gently placed his hand on Tina’s head and quietly wept.   Aaron and Tina spent two hours on the ward, Aaron swelled with pride and held his head high as he talked with other injured service people and watched his little dog work her magic.

Since coming home wounded and broken, Aaron had felt lost and without purpose.   Since being a small boy he had always wanted to serve his country, so to have that service cut short so cruelly had crushed him and he had almost lost his will to go on.  But, in that ward that day with his brave and wonderful little dog by his side Aaron found a new purpose and a way to serve for him and his partner Tiny Tina.

This was the new start which Tina and Aaron so badly needed, together the young duo began their own program.. ‘Salute’ is their way of giving back and giving hope.

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