June 16, 2021

Wagz – Doggie Tales Part One

Hi there, my name is Monty and it makes a lot of sense for me to be your story teller, since I have lived here longer than anyone else. Being a good listener and a friendly chap, I have made many good friends who have told me their stories over the years.

by Barbara Isherwood

As dog lovers, we want all dogs to enjoy high standards of care and the benefits of responsible pet ownership.  Sadly sometimes things go wrong and when that’s happens, it’s good to know that there are wonderful people who dedicate themselves to rescuing dogs in need and giving them a second chance. 

The good work of these excellent rescue centers is celebrated in this series of short stories.   Written from the rescue dog’s perspective, these tales highlight some of the many journeys made by dogs who find themselves in shelters and the great work being done to help them have a new life.   In this first episode we are introduced to longtime resident and our

storyteller for the series, Monty Mutt.


I suppose this is probably quite an unusual place to live, there is always something going on here, lots of coming and going.

I will be sharing those stories with you as we go along, but first I should probably start by telling you how it was that I came to live here at Wagz Dog Rescue Center.

My name is Monty Mutt and before I came here I lived with my human family in a lovely house.  There was Mom and Dad, Sarah and Sammy the two children, they all loved me very much.   I had lots of good food, a warm bed, nice toys and regular long walks in the countrywide, life was very good.  

One day the family brought home lots of empty boxes, they started packing up all their things which seemed strange as they had never done that before.  It was noisy and confusing, so I stayed in the yard, out of the way of all the hustle and bustle.  Much later I heard doors banging and engines starting up, I ran to the fence and saw a big van and the family car heading down the street.    I peered through the window

hoping to see the family, but the house was completely empty, no furniture and no people.  I cried and barked all day and all night, but no one came, I was hungry and scared, but I was sure my family would come back.  That was when the Wagz people came and took me with them.  Tired, cold and very hungry, I was very happy to see them. The lady gently put me in a crate, which had a soft blanket in it.  She spoke quietly and gave me a nice stroke.

That is how my life here at Wagz Dog Rescue began, I was glad to be safe and have food and a warm place to sleep.   I was sure that soon my family would come for me and take me back to my real home, but until then I decided that I would wait patiently and get to know the other dogs and the people who work here at Wagz. 

My first friend was a lovely youngster who lived in the run beside mine.  She was a cute little terrier called Tina and she had a truly amazing story.  Honestly, you won’t believe what happened to little Tina, but I promise I will tell you next time.

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