Thu. Apr 18th, 2019

Video showing shelter worker dragging a dog down a corridor sparks outrage


A video posted Thursday on Facebook showing a leashed dog being dragged down a hallway by an employee at the Hesperia animal shelter has created such a stir that the City Council is holding a special meeting on Monday stirred public outcry and prompted the City Council to schedule a special meeting for Monday. The city of Hesperia is part of San Bernardino County, California.

“There is an investigation under way and I’m sure that will reveal everything, and appropriate action will be taken,” Councilman Russ Blewett told reporters onFriday. “Right is right, and things need to be done correctly.”

The video shows a female employee dragging the dog down a hallway while two other employees, a man and a woman, stand in the hallway talking oblivious to what is happening. You can hear the dog whimpering

The dog, a stray picked up by animal control officers, has since been reunited with its owner, Blewett said.

A message on the shelter’s answering service says, “This matter is being taken very seriously. Management is working to ensure that the appropriate standard procedures are followed at all times so that all animals in the facility receive the proper care.”

Leonard says he has been inundated with angry e-mails  since the posting of the video.

“I probably got 100 e-mails from people here in town,” Leonard said. “I’m sure our city manager and the city will do a proper investigation.”

What is your opinion on this? What do you think should be done?

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