January 19, 2021

Vet checks show ex-OAS dogs suffering from malnutrition


01/02/14- Veterinary specialists from the Mohave valley Animal Hospital and Arizona Humane Society have been examining the 124 ex-Olympic Animal Sanctuary dogs that were surrendered to Guardians of Rescue at an arranged site in Arizona, and information on their general health has now come to light.

Sherri Watson of Mohave Valley Animal Hospital has stated that several of the dogs appeared “quite thin” and “showed signs of being malnourished”.  One dog was so severely underweight that it needed to be “transported to an animal-care medical facility in Las Vegas”.

Watson said, the animals’ behavior and demeanor “ran the gamut”, and described some of the dogs as “needing grooming.”

This coincides with a statement from Sue Walshe of  Lionel’s Legacy that one of the ex-OAS dogs released to Lionel’s had a badly matted coat and urine burns on it’s stomach.  Walshe stated to Pet Radio that the long term prognosis of the five dogs released to them and if these dogs will be scarred for life is yet to be determined, but she intends to have professional canine behaviorists and trainers work with them for as long as it takes to give them the best chance possible at a normal life.

The dogs were examined Sunday, Monday and Thursday and the final detailed report is expected to be ready next Monday. It is unknown if the actual report will be released to the public.


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