October 24, 2020

Understanding the Power of the Spiritual Bond Between Pet, Animal, and Human

by MJ Domet


What do you think when you see a huge bird gracefully flying across the sky, or a rabbit or mouse swiftly running across your path? Do you just see it as a daily event or do you recognize the huge opportunity, you have, to reflect on the vast amount of life we interact with on a daily basis? The delight of a child as they connect with nature eludes most of us, as adults. Our lives become busy and routine with barely enough time to get through the day, never mind stopping to take a moment to reflect on life itself.

The animals in our life are a reflection of that child within all of us. The sporadic presence of wild animals reminds us to slow down, to pause and enjoy the moment and, often, to play. In a spiritual sense, each species of animal has certain traits to help us humans define exactly where we’re at in our lives. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to each sighting, especially the unusual, we have of nature.

Pets spend more time with us and, therefore, reflect more of our traits back to us by their behavior. I was reminded of my own actions when my riding horse, Girl, got out of the corral three days in a row. In the six years, I’ve had her, she had not gotten out once. Suddenly, she was out several times within three days. I haven’t been riding much this summer as it’s been raining almost every day since June. That, in itself, isn’t much of a problem, but the bears are. We have been inundated with black bears this year. Oh, they’ve always been around, but not as overtly. Never have they been in our farmyard until a few months ago, making themselves at home by eating the dogfood and the apples off of the trees. They have been selective, as the crab apple tree between the two apple trees was not touched. It’s nice to know that the bears that come into our yard have good taste!

It’s the bears that have stopped me from riding more this summer. We found out that there have been four of these majestic animals prowling, playing and generally taking over the riding trails. The beautiful trails are resplendent with wild flowers: buttercups, paintbrushes, wild tiger lily. Mushrooms, green spiky grass, hardy willows, fragrant spruce and leafy poplar trees are dispersed throughout the miles of packed down grass, leaves and mud that the wild animals such as deer, moose and rabbits as well as riders, horses and dogs have formed into visible trails. The ever present insects and birds also contribute to the peace of this beautiful melding of exquisite nature. Bears were never a factor in the blending of this particular landscape-until this year!

In a spiritual sense, bears are about boundaries because they don’t usually bother with asking permission to intrude. Their disrespect for ants, bees and bugs is usually noticeable in the destruction they weld in ant piles, beehives and old logs. Gaining permission has never been their method of operation and their presence is usually announced after the fact. So, I, being a respectful human (and maybe a bit fearful), found other activities to do this summer as riding was pretty much out, at least, until drowsiness sets in and the bears take to their beds.

My horse, Girl, apparently thought she was either abandoned or allowed to retire at a young age and she needed me to understand what she thought of that idea. She found a way to do that. She didn’t run away, she stayed in the yard until I spotted her, listened very attentively while I questioned her antics and then very regally walked away when she thought I was going to catch her to put her back into the corral. We had a few words and back in through the gate she went. That was the on the third day. On the first two days she had gotten out, I wasn’t the one to spot her and put her back in, but I heard about it. After the day I caught her out, she didn’t try it again. Apparently, she figured I’d gotten the message, and, yes, we are on the move again, although, not on the trails yet, but close by.


Since our pets don’t speak our language, they have to find another way to let us know what they’re thinking. You know when your dog wants to go out, play, or is lonely or jealous. You know when your cat’s litter box is full or when they’re aggravated or hungry. They also know how to read your moods with no words spoken. This is the timeless connection of energy and love. Without love, the bond is rootless and empty. Without love, the cord is frayed and fragile. Without love, life with your pet is one of ego and power instead of caring and consideration. This relationship between human and animal is as important to them as it is to you.  The love and caring our pets have for us is reflected in their actions. They want us to be happy, safe and well as much as we want them to be.


Next time you see that eagle, crow or sparrow arching through the sky on noiseless wings or see the familiar black and yellow of a precious bumble bee or, yes, even the frightening hump on a grizzly bear, think about what their presence in nature means to you. The connection likely won’t be as impactful as the one you have with your pet, but it can still be important. All you have to do is pay attention and allow the silent messages to reach you. You don’t necessarily have to understand it all. Just to enjoy the natural beauty of all species, domestic or wild, is enough to sense the rightness of all of us inhabiting the universe in common unity, forming a harmony of love in spite of differences, fears or misunderstandings.

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