June 16, 2021

Two Corgi Fashion Stars



Corgnelius (aka Corgi) & Stumphrey (aka Stump Stump) are two Pembroke Welsh Corgis who have risen to fame on the internet for their high fashion sense and cuteness overload.


Susie and Justin answered our questions about their dynamic duo:


1. How old are Corgnelius (aka Corgi) & Stumphrey (aka Stump Stump) and how did they get their names?

Corgi’s about 1 ½ yrs old and Stump Stump is 8 months old. They got their names from me. I’m really into puns and play-on words, so I went thru a list of names and tried to see which ones I could alter to be corgi-related. And so I got Corgnelius and Stumphrey.

2. How would you describe each of their personalities?

Corgi is the more quiet/reserved one and Stumphrey’s very vocal and in-your-face. For instance, when I’m on the computer and the boys want to play, Stumphrey will start jumping on me and howl nonstop. But Corgi will just waddle somewhere in my peripheral, plop down, and give me really sad looks until I get up and play. (i can’t tell which method is more effective since they both work every time.)

3. They have risen to fame from the fashion photos you have posted on the internet, what inspired you to do this and were you surprised by their growing popularity?

I actually don’t know what compelled me to start dressing Corgi up. I, like most people (I imagine), grew up thinking people who dressed their pets up were insane and unnecessary. Because come on, they’re animals! They have fur, they don’t need clothes! But when I dressed Corgi up for the first time (just for laughs), he just looked so adorable and happy, I couldn’t stop. So I kept doing it. And it got to the point where, whenever Corgi saw me pull the camera out, he would pop a leg out (as if he were posing) and smile. So I mean, I just had to continue, because obviously I had a natural born model on my hands.
I was very surprised by their growing popularity and I still am. Just recently they were ranked #1 on Buzzfeed’s “Most important Corgis of 2013”. Yes, these corgis right here. The ones who are drooling on my lap right now. And when I go on Facebook and see that they have over 30k fans, it just blows my mind away.

4. How many different outfits do they have?
Too many to count. They have a large dresser devoted to all their costumes and outfits, and that’s not including all their sweaters and hoodies. I have to hang those up in my closet. And my dresses have been moved to the floor. #priorities

5. Do they dress up just for the camera, or whenever they leave the house?
They just dress up for the camera. Since their legs are so vertically-awesome, sleeves often get caught while they’re walking and they end up tripping. So I only dress them up to take pictures. My friends always ask why I waste so much money on clothes that will only be worn for a few minutes. And i say, “I’m the mom of Corgnelius and Stumphrey, who gave you permission to speak to me.” Jk. Not really.


6. What is their favorite play activity/toys?

Their favorite activity is playing with each other. They wrestle and chase each other around all day. They also love any and all cardboard boxes. I can’t count the times when I’ve bought them expensive, squeaky dog toys, and they waddle right past it and go after the box it came in.

7. Do they get along well with other dogs or cats?
They’ve actually never met a cat before, but they get along very well with dogs.

8. What is it about the breed that you like the most?
Oh, man. This is so difficult. I love everything about corgis. Their playful personalities, their bunny butts, their huge ears, their paws. But what I love the most, I would have to say, is their body to stumps ratio. Whatever they’re doing- walking, running, swimming- it just looks too cute because of those little legs on that huge body. It’s great.


9. What advice do you have for someone considering getting a Corgi?


Corgis are becoming more and more popular because they’re all over the internet. But I’d urge people to consider all the responsibilities that come with owning one. A lot of people get corgis because they’re obviously cute, then realize that it’s too much work and end up giving them up to a shelter. It’s heart breaking.
So, please please ask yourself, are you seriously ready for this majestic creature to enter your life for the next 15 yrs? Are you going to get up at 5 in the morning on a weekend to walk them, because they need to pee? Are you prepared to drop $10,000 on surgery and medical bills if your corgi gets hip dysplasia (which is common for this breed) or any other illness? Are you prepared to be alienated by all your friends and family bc you won’t stop showing them pictures of your corgi doing amazing things (like sleeping)? Take all this into consideration. Because they make a brief appearance in your long life, but for them, you are their entire world. And they deserve to be loved as much as they love you.


10. Do they celebrate Christmas with you?
Of course they do! It will be Stump Stump’s first x-mas so we’re going to get him (and Corgi) lots of presents. I’m foreshadowing a lot of boxes inside larger boxes like a Russian nesting doll situation. And then they’ll get to eat steak and cheese for dinner. We’ll probably be dead from corgi farts, but the holidays are all about sacrifice, right?


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