October 29, 2020

Twerk the Dancing Kitten Steals a Young Woman’s Heart



Humane Animal Rescue of Pittsburgh, PA got a three month old kitten with a condition that made her different from most other kittens: Cerebellum Hypoplasia, a neurological disorder that results in involuntary movements and shakes.

The shelter named the kitten Twerk and made a video of the kitten that spread around the internet.  It did not take them long to find a home for Twerk with Sara Garbin who is already creating a Facebook page for Twerk.

Sara reached out to people on the shelters Facebook page,

“Thanks for the support everyone! Twerk is currently settling in really well at home! For those who asked, yes I will be keeping the name Twerk. How could I change something so perfect?? I saw some comments about a Facebook page. I am in fact working on a Facebook page for her so everyone can see what she’s up to. I plan to use it to help spread the word about CH. I feel like it’s not a very well known condition so I’m hoping this page will inform people. “


Twerk’s condition is expected to never worsen and would not prevent her from living a normal , long life.


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