Thu. Oct 17th, 2019

Totally Absurd: Contractor Sues Woman Who’s Cat Scratched him and Claims it is a Bobcat

cat reported as being a bobcat after clawing a contractor


TAMPA, FL — Christine Lee wants the world to know she does not own a bobcat.


In May last year, contractor Marcos Hernandez entered the home of Christine Lee in Tampa Florida to do an inspection and claims a pet bobcat severely scratched him when he entered the condo on his ARMS.


However the feline in question is obviously not a bobcat, but a perfecctly normal long haired house cat named Calli.



“How he could even think this was a bobcat, I don’t know,” Lee said to a local television news reporter as she cuddled Calli. “He must not know cats.”


Hernandez visited the apartment to conduct a scheduled fire safety inspection, Lee said. He arrived about noon, earlier than she expected.


“All I know is he was in here alone and he must have startled her,” Lee said.


Hernandez was taken to Tampa General Hospital for his cat scratches.


Are we supposed to believe this house cat jumped straight up in the air to scratch him on his ARMS?


Lee arrived home after Hernandez had left, she said.


His report to authorities promped Fish and Wildlife to come to their door who could barely contain their laughter as well as local animal control who took photos of the fierce killer bobcat.



That was the end of saga until now when Lee was served a summons for the lawsuit…


An honest to God law suit from a real attorney/law firm.


I cannot possibly imagine how any reputable lawyer would find any grounds here. These sort of cases are usually brought by letigious sue happies who act as their own lawyer or to intimadate the defendant into settling to avoid the cost of a lawyer. Lee has not yet decided if she will get an attorney and is still bewildered.


“It’s not a wild animal,” she said. “It’s just a cat.”

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