October 23, 2020

Tiny Toudi the 2.75 inch Dog

toudi2 toudi1

Toudi the chihuahua is just 2.75 inches tall and weighs 10.5oz and could be the world’s smallest dog.

At 12 weeks old, he is expected to be nearly full grown. He fits in the palm of a hand and is smaller than a can of soda.

The breeders are from Wroclaw,  Poland and not too much is known about them publicly. They have made the comment that they have to be careful around the dog because he is so small and his color blends in with the carpet. They have also reported that they hope to get him in the  Guinness World Records book. Do you think this dog should be bred to be this size? Is this good for the breed?  Please comment below.  Watch the video below:

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