November 25, 2020

This Is How to Take Care of a French Bulldog


The small and muscular french bulldog is the ultimate companion. They may look tough, but these dogs are known for being charming, sweet, and playful. Their calm demeanor and distinctive features make them one of the most popular dogs to own. 

However, these adorable dogs are prone to many health issues that affect their lifespan and quality of life. This means, taking care of your Frenchie is essential, to ensure your pet is as happy and healthy as possible. 

If you are thinking about getting this special pet but are wondering how to take care of a french bulldog, this guide is for you.


One of the basics of bulldog care is grooming and cleaning your pet. Cleaning is especially important for a Frenchie because their many folds can hide dirt and dander that can result in more serious problems with their coat. 

Clean your pet with a cool and damp cloth or a non-toxic baby wipe once a week. Make sure to clean between all of the wrinkles and folds in his coat.

Exercise and Fitness

When caring for a french bulldog, it’s important to make sure he receives regular exercise. Short walks in the morning or evenings can help him remain healthy and strong. Avoid overexerting your pet as too much activity can lead to overheating and breathing problems. 


Your french bulldog is healthiest when you are giving him lean animal proteins, omega fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and complex carbs. His fast metabolism means he can take in extra calories so feel free to feed him several times a day. It’s recommended to feed your Frenchie 25-35 calories per pound every day. 



One of the most important french bulldog tips is to keep him hydrated. While drinking water is important for all dogs, it’s essential for your pet because he is sensitive to heat and can have a heatstroke easily. To keep him properly hydrated, it’s recommended to give him ½ cup of water every 2 hours. 


A common fact about french bulldogs is they are sensitive to the heat and will overheat very quickly. For this reason, it’s important to make sure your pet is not subjected to heat at all, including during walks, baths, or playtime. If your pet is panting excessively, drooling, or unusually lethargic, he might be overheating.  

Frenchies are also sensitive to the cold, so it’s best to maintain a neutral temperature at all times. If your pet is shivering or having difficulty breathing, he is probably too cold. 

This Is How to Take Care of a French Bulldog

By using these tips for how to take care of a french bulldog, you can give your special pet a quality life.

Make sure you are cleaning your pet correctly and keeping him cool. Give him proper nutrition, enough water, and make sure he is active and fit. Keep an eye on his weight to ensure he doesn’t develop weigh-related health problems. 

Follow these tips to take the best care of your french bulldog.

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