September 24, 2020

This Dog Has Moxie, And A New Life


A dog named Moxie.


I’m a little boy who came from a puppy mill in Arkansas. My mom works for National Mill Dog Rescue and I was one of the many dogs saved on her first rescue.

On the rescue, my crate was in between the two front seats of the van. Theresa Strader, founder of National Mill Dog Rescue, was so worried about me because I stared at the ground and didn’t move. I was in a lot of pain and could barely …lift my head. We stopped overnight in Kansas at the home of rescue friends. While we were there the nice lady we were staying with cleaned out my ears and wiped all kinds of junk from my eyes so that I could fully open them and see. As she cut the mats away from my face, my rescuers could see that I had no lower jaw and only two teeth in the top of my mouth. Those two teeth had exposed roots and I was in a lot of pain.

For the first time in my life, people cared about my comfort and were taking care of me. These nice people put a towel down with a bowl of yummy wet food. I was too weak to even stand up to eat, so I layed down right in front of that bowl and gulped down so much food. Next, they took me outside to a grassy yard. I had no idea what this strange stuff under my feet was but I liked it! I tried to walk but after one step would fall over. The breeder told my mom that I had lived for 12 years in a small cage with several other dogs. No wonder I couldn’t walk. There had never been any room for me to learn to do that.

Next thing I knew I was swooped back up and in the NMDR van. Later that day I was at National Mill Dog Rescue where there were so many loving faces staring at me and making a big fuss. I was still too weak to lift my head to give them any love back, but they understood. A lady who was on the rescue with us took me home with her that night. When we got to her house, I heard her tell her husband that I wasn’t healthy and might not make it for too many more days. I really appreciated these people giving me food and a warm bed, especially since they had never had a little dog in their house. They are big dog people and their Bullmastiff and Doberman mix seemed to sense that I wasn’t feeling good, so they just let me be. The next day I went to the vet and had my last two teeth removed. Not much changed though. I still just laid on a bed in this new house and stared at the ground. Every time somebody walked by I heard them say “Look to see if he is breathing.”

About two weeks later, my body and my heart started to heal. I didn’t have to worry about not having food and clean water. The people here really cared about me, even though I wasn’t giving anything back to them, and I wasn’t so scared anymore. One day I stood up in my bed and the lady started screaming. The man ran in and they just stared at me, waiting for more. Talk about being put on the spot. I had to do something so I took a step, which caused more screaming and clapping. Well I took three steps and it felt good! Over the next few days, I learned to walk all around the house. It seemed to make the people very happy. One day the lady even picked me up and said, “Mommy loves you.” That is the moment that I knew I was a part of this family wouldn’t have to leave this happy place. I had a real mom and dad and pet siblings. Mom tells everybody that all it took to heal me was love. We talk about love a lot in our house, and I know everyday that I am very loved.



I like to run and sometimes I’m so fast that my mom and dad can’t catch me. Now everyday is an adventure. My mom is on the NMDR rescue team and I have been on many rescues this past year. I have helped save hundreds of dogs, but we still have so much work to do. I’m a good puppy mill educator. My parents shows me to people and tell them about puppy mills.

Thanks for reading my story. Please don’t buy a puppy online or in a pet store. Sometimes people don’t think about where those puppies come from or who their parents are. Take it from me, it’s a nasty business.

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