January 20, 2021

The Unique “tha Munchbox”

Tha  MUNCHBox is definitely the most unique and interesting dog subscription boxes I have seen. It consists of a variety of dog chews that are so unusual you may have never seen them before. The assortment to choose from includes Dry-Roasted Beef Trachea, catfish SKINZbull PRETZELs, (bully sticks), Pure Dehydrated Duck Liver, Potato Flour + Honey biscuits, WONDER nuggets {Peanut Butta} Barley Flour, Vegetable Glycerin, Rolled Oats, Unsalted Peanut Butter, Cane Molasses, bully BONE– femur bone tied with bully sticks, Yaky PUFFS popcorn! * 100% Yak and Cow Milk. Salt + Lime Juice, and several other interesting body parts including steer hooves, Australian crocodile bones, beef knee caps, pork heart, venison gullet, duck feet, pig ears, and pig snout.


I had to find this photo on their blog to figure out what this was: a dried pig heart! Buster went absolutely nuts for it and totally consumed it in less than five minutes. In fact, when I opened the box he went frantic jumping up and down. I ended up giving him the pig heart, a steer hoof, and a dried beef patty all in one sitting that took less than 15 minutes.

Their packaging does not have much flair, but the products are all natural and your dog should devour them quite eagerly if anything like my dog. These dog chews will not last long- guaranteed.

Order direct from their web site and visit their Facebook page for more info.

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