June 13, 2021

The Ultra Safe Retractable SmartLeash

The SmartLeash locks automatically if your dog bolts


I asked my friend Dana Humphrey, The Pet Lady, what the latest, greatest retractable dog leash was, and she sent me the SmartLeash.

SmartLeash® is the FIRST and ONLY retractable leash that automatically stops your dog when he or she tries to suddenly run or lunge. SmartLeash operates like a regular retractable leash unless your dog tries to run — then Smartleash locks, quickly, safely and automatically. Like a seatbelt! It stays locked as long as your dog has tension on the leash. When your dog releases tension, SmartLeash resets instantly, ready to protect your pet again.

It appears to be built solidly. The lock and release button snaps into place easily and the leash is tangle free and bright reflective yellow. The end of the leash that attaches to the collar is a heavy duty bungee cord that absorbs the shock from your dogs sudden movements for a smoother walk.

I haven’t been a big fan of retractable leashes in the past and even heard horror stories of some, but I absolutely love this leash. Worth every penny- $22.95 – $32.95


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