June 16, 2021

The Magical Lykoi Cat is No Spook

Known as the werewolf cat, there is nothing scary about this unusual looking feline. Bred from a natural mutation, this short haired cat has a unique coat.


Color varies from shades of grey to shades of black. The coat may be thick across the body or have patches of thin hair or hairless.  The face often is hairless giving it the werewolf appearance.

werewolf cat

Periodically, the Lykoi sheds its entire coat becoming hairless for time before it grows back.


photo by https://nadacatz.com/2017/08/27/lykoi-cats/ Lykoi breeder

Researchers have found some hair follicles lack all the necessary components required to create hair (which is why Lykoi lack an undercoat). They also lack all the components to keep the hair healthy and growing which is why Lykoi shed their coat and become bald or partially bald before it grows back again. No other cat breed molts it’s coat and re-grows it.

The coat is a “roan pattern”, (an intermix of normal color hair with white hair).

The kittens are born with a normal coat and look the same as any other normal kitten. They have no balding or roan coloration.

After a couple weeks the kittens lose their coat leaving a downy fluff.  A few weeks later the Lykoi coat begins to grow in and usually within four months the kitten will have a full Lykoi appearance.


While the coat may appear stiff and course, it is actually very soft like velvet.


Lykoi has no known health issues. The natural mutation was discovered in feral colonies and some ferals were used in the foundation of the breed.  It was determined that the natural mutation was not the result of any disease and carries no health risks.

There is another mutation known as the long haired werewolf cat. These cats have a coat that grows extensively long. This mutation is NOT a breed and totally unrelated to the Lykoi. One such cat named Achoum the cat in Canada has become famous on the internet.

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