June 16, 2021

The German Shepherd: Why They Excel As Top Police Dogs

Are you planning on training your dog?

We all love dogs! They’re cute, funny and the best companion you can ever have. Dogs can be your best friend because they even listen to our problems on a bad day.

Having a positive relationship with your dog keeps us healthy and it’s good for your mental well-being, too. There are many dog breeds out there, but German Shepherds are a particular favorite for many people.

They’re among the most intelligent, athletic breeds, and their coat is amazing, as well. Training them is easy, too, and they make excellent police dogs.

German Shepherds excel as police dogs and these are the top three reasons why. Read on what we have below and learn more.

  1. Easy to Train

Working dogs come in many sizes with multitudes of jobs for the dog to do. This means that an athletic build and the dog’s intelligence is important. German Shepherds are intelligent, athletic, and versatile.

The history of German Shepherds tells us they’re used by sheepherders to work in farms and assist in farm work. What makes them great is they are easy to train and only need guidance for specialized tasks. They have instincts build for protection and easy to guide when trained.

This is beneficial since some police dogs undergo training to do complex tasks. This training includes drug, explosive training, sniffing, tracking, and detection. 

  1. They Look Mean and Lovable

German Shepherds are loyal, alert, and courageous. They are approachable and still capable of showing confidence. 

They also love to do work, work is almost treated as play. German Shepherds love to complete a task given to them. Shepherds were first bred for hard work, making them ideal for search and rescue missions. 

Sometimes they, too, need to prove that they can do the task. German Shepherds are strong, athletic, and have plenty of energy. They’re able to take down criminals as they are fast and love to work for a long period of time. 

  1. Always Calm and Collected 

We’ve all heard one or two stories that are about the heroic deeds of police dogs and their handler. German Shepherds are calm even in a situation that chaotic. In an active crime scene or criminal pursuit, they can keep calm and follow their handler commands. 

German Shepherd police dogs are loyal, that they can do heroic deeds amidst the heat of action. This is why they look at their handlers for cues on what to do in stressful situations. 

Know More About Police Dogs Today!

Our beloved best friends have a long history of siding with their handlers. German Shepherds have qualities bred into them for generations making them the best police dogs. Get yourself a German Shepherd today!

Do you want to learn more about other dog breeds? German Shepherds are great dogs, but they’re not meant for everyone. Check out our guides on other dog breeds to learn all you can learn today!


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