September 22, 2020

The First Confirmation of the Health of the OAS Dogs

oas rescue dogs

The OAS dogs are now being picked up by the rescues who placed them with OAS and others willing to take them.  Lionel’s Legacy Senior Dog Sanctuary is one such organization as tells us one of the first accounts of the physical condition of the dogs.

In conjunction with Doggy Hydeaway, Lionel’s Legacy Senior Dog Rescue in San Diego, CA has rescued 6 dogs transported to Arizona from Olympic Animal Sanctuary. One of the dogs has been returned to the original rescue which leaves 5 dogs in our care – Jesse James the Doberman, Buddy the Boxer, Rainbow the Australian shep. mix, Crockett the Shepherd mix, and Fergus( pictured below) a small terrier mix. Our family has been directly involved with the investigation of Markwell and OAS from the very beginning and have personal ties to the 5 dogs now in our care. 


Their levels of medical and behavioral needs vary but we know this will be a long road ahead due to the conditions they were kept in for such a long time. All of the dogs are very thin and have extreme muscle wasting due to living in small kennels. Crockett has multiple scabs on his chest, Fergus is a matted mess and has urine burn on his belly, Buddy has pieces of his lip missing, and they all have a look of emptiness in their eyes. There is a lot of spinning and odd behaviors from being crated for so long and we are easing them into meals as their stomachs get accustomed to a consistent food source. With the support of Doggy Hydeaway, we will allow the dogs to settle in, decompress, and then begin the work of rehabilitating them. We will also be working with another behaviorist to maintain thorough assessments of the animals and make sure we are doing all we can to rehabilitate these dogs. 

There is a lot of work to be done in the days, weeks, and months ahead and we’re going to need the support of the village to help us give these dogs the second chance they all deserve. In the next few weeks we’ll be looking for volunteers to help with various things such as cleaning, feeding, walking, and interacting with the dogs. 

Our immediate needs include food, supplies, medical, and support with constructing dog runs. We’re gladly accepting gift cards to WALMART, TARGET, PETCO, and PETSMART for supplies and will be posting our AMAZON wishlist with necessary supplies as well. We’re looking for donations of construction and fencing supplies immediately. Doggy Hydeway is located in the VIsta, CA area(North East San Diego) so if you can help please contact us at or donate directly to our OAS dogs by going to our website under WAYS YOU CAN HELP and make a general or monthly donation

Thank you so much and please continue to share the story of OAS and the Sanctuary of Sorrow as there are so many dogs in Arizona that still need rescue.

Many thanks,
Lionel’s Legacy

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