October 29, 2020

The Dog Treat That Helps Women In Need


by Susan M. Ewing


Just before the holidays I received three dog biscuit samples from the Women’s Bean Project. The Women’s Bean Project, www.womensbeanproject.com, is a nonprofit organization that helps women develop job skills. They offer soup and chili mixes, snack boxes, baking mixes, and spice blends. They have just added three flavors of dog treats, peanut butter and molasses, banana and coconut, and apple-almond. These small biscuits have between 14 and 17 calories each, but they break easily into smaller pieces that would be fine for training. They are all natural and have no added sugar. All contain oats and flax meal, as well as the ingredients in their name.

It’s hard to do a scientific test with only two dogs, and even harder to determine which flavor the dogs might prefer, since Corgis generally like anything edible. I separated the dogs, so I could test them individually. I quickly laid out the three varieties and watched to see if Tegan had a preference. He ate the middle cookie first (banana coconut), then gobbled down the peanut butter and molasses one, and then the apple-almond. That was the same order that Gael ate them, leading me to believe that apple-almond was their least favorite. However, when I placed the cookies, both dogs ate the center cookie first, then the one to their right, and finally the one on the left. So, did they eat the most appealing one first, or just go for the cookie directly in front of them. Did they then automatically move to their right? I know dogs can be right or left pawed. Was this a factor?


All I can say is that all three flavors were eaten quickly and completely and the dogs were looking for more. So, if you’re looking for a flavorful dog treat with no sugar and no additives, the snacks from the Women’s Bean Project fit the bill.

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