April 15, 2021

The Cat Hunter Rescues Cats Displaced by Forest Fires

by Robert Hudson


Shannon Jay, a National Park Service officer, has been searching for and rescuing cats from forest fire burn zones in northern California and southern Oregon  since the 2017 Sonoma County wildfires and was featured in the 2019 documentary “The Fire Cats.”

Jay uses food, traps and  a high-tech  thermal imaging device to find the cats. He carefully and methodically combs through the rubble of burned out buildings, cars and smoking burned down trees looking for signs and sounds of trapped cats that may be hurt and traumatized.

He is at it again now going to the fire areas of southern Oregon and has started a go fund me page and hopes to train others to do what he does.

Friends and supporters…here I am once again heading into a burn zone.  Had hoped to never have need to launch another fire cat rescue GFM but somehow knew it would come to pass. Will be self deploying to the burn zones of southern Oregon and Nor Cal to effect fire cat rescue. Part of the the mission will be to train anyone wanting  to do what I do as the more of me there are the better.  Will be requesting to take some time off work with no pay as I have no vacation time having used it on three trips to Texas to search for and rescue two dumped cats. How that plays out remains to be seen. Will need funds for fue(670 miles round trip), lodging, food for me and cats, supplies to include extra cameras , traps, batteries, SD cards, etc. in my experience these rescue missions are  protracted efforts stretching many months.

As happened at the Camp Fire and Kincade Fire I expect to pay for emergency vet care as I will not let a burned fire cat suffer and not get treated because there are no funds. This is expensive!  Going in with some trepidation as this is no small task and I cannot anticipate what roadblocks I’ll encounter. I only know the fire cats are out there and every minute counts. Thank you so very much for your heartfelt support.


Visit his go fund me page

Shannon is a true hero.  Please leave a comment here for him to read

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