September 24, 2020

Terminal Woman Writes Letter to Her Cat’s Future Adopter


“She is a good snuggler but she likes to be the boss. She spends much of her time on my bed but always seems to know where I am. I hope you enjoy Susie as much as I have.”

A man came into the Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center in Derwood, Maryland with a cat and explained that the cat belonged to his Mother who passed away and he had been caring for this cat named Susie, but he was not allowed to have pets where he lived. He also gave a hand written note from his Mother to the intake counselor. It tells the heartfelt story of Susie and what she meant to the woman.




The Maryland animal shelter is hoping that the heartfelt letter  will help the feline’s chances of finding a forever home.

“I’m sure that when she wrote it, she wrote it just to the intent of getting it to the adopter,” said Katherine Zenzano, community outreach coordinator of Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center in Derwood, Maryland. “But we realized Susie was wasn’t going anywhere. Some cats are really great at selling themselves and Susie wasn’t selling herself.

“If this letter can in any way help Susie, or any other cats in the same situation, we are happy to get it out there because we think it can touch a lot of people.”

Susie, a 5-year-old domestic short-hair orange tabby, was brought into MCASAC on May 15 by her owner’s son, who said he was no longer able to care for his mother’s cat following her death because he was not allowed to have pets where he lives.

“Susie is unusual but I enjoy her company”, the note reads.

She was unusual because she was afraid to go outside and afraid of people and loud noises according to the letter.

While Susie was at first a bit skittish coming to the shelter, according to the shelters spokesperson,  she’s warmed up to the staff and has been profiled as a “love bug.”

She will needs someone who is very gentle and patient.


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