April 15, 2021

Tara the Hero Cat Fast Becoming a Celebrity

tara the hero cat

Within a week of the release of the viral video showing Tara the Hero Cat chasing away a dog attacking a small boy, Tara has made several public appearances including throwing out the opening pitch of a minor league baseball team, dropping the puck at a NHL playoff game, a hero award from their Senator, and an interview on TMZ.

The video taken by security cameras outside of the home the Triantafilo family shows in clear detail their neighbors dog stalking and then attacking four year old Jeremy Triantafilo, grabbing the child by the leg, pulling him off his tricycle, and beginning to drag him on the ground.  That is when Tara the hero cat leaps at the dog like a torpedo, hitting the dog  on its side, and then chasing the surprised dog around a parked car away from the child.

 Roger Triantafilo appeared on the Pet Radio Show 05/24/14 for a 30 minute interview describing what happened, and when asked if he was planning to write a book he answered “we have some very exciting things in the works that we will be announcing on our Facebook page soon”. As of the date of the interview the Tara the Hero cat Facebook page has over 35,000 followers and a modest Twitter following.

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Tara the hero cat
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