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Willow & Xander-Best Friends For Life

July 27, 2015

By Lorie Lewis Ham I have been involved in animal rescue for 15 years. I spent many years running a small animal rescue, then life stepped in and I no longer had the time or energy. So my ties to animal rescue now are my own pets, and I publish an online magazine called Kings […]

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New Photos of Rademenes the Nurse Cat

May 9, 2015

We found more photos of Rademenes the Nurse Cat, and a video that tells his story.     Rademenes the Nurse Cat now has a Facebook page and is taking donations through Paypal. Tweet

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America’s Next Cat Star: Brimley

May 3, 2015

Saturday night Animal Planet declared Brimley the Cat America’s next star cat. The three member panel chose Brimley from five finalists and cited his cuteness, photogenic qualities, and his great back story as the reasons he was chosen. Here is his story in his own words from his web site: I was rescued from a […]

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Man Saves Cat From Freeway When No One Else Would

April 19, 2015

If you were driving down the freeway and saw a terrified looking cat clinging to the center divide of the highway, what would you do? For Richard Christianson, the choice was clear. He had to make sure the cat was rescued as soon as possible. Richard called 911 to get help and was told by […]

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Shelter Director gives wheels and home to cat with damaged spinal cord

March 24, 2015

Abused, disfigured and abandoned, Emerson the cat had a rough start in life.   His injuries left him unable to use his rear legs, unable to urinate and difficulty eating and drinking on his own. In most shelters around the country this would mean a death sentence, but not at the  Houlton Humane Society where he […]

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Hitchhiking Cat Goes Cross Country

March 17, 2015

A stowaway cat traveling in a U-Haul trailer somehow made its way from South Carolina to California – and now Riverside County Animal Services is trying to get the orange tabby back to his owner. Kevin the cat was very stealth in his travels, making it all the way to the Arizona-California border without detection, […]

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Googly Sally-A Sweet Kitty Whose Imperfection is Her Charm

February 8, 2015

By Robert Paul Hudson Sally has one “lazy” eye and a few missing teeth. When she was surrendered to Lollypop Farm, the Humane Society in Rochester, NY she immediately captured everyone’s heart with her lovable personality. Sally, 7 years old now, is quite healthy despite having an unusual eye. “Our veterinarians do not believe her eye will require medications […]

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Fezzik the Giant-King of the House

November 2, 2014

photos and text by Michele D’Amour McDanel Maybe we should have guessed that Fezzik was going to be big by the fact that the shelter staff had named him Fezzik, after the giant in the movie The Princess Bride. We could have gotten concerned at the fact that, at 5 months of age, he already weighed […]

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Mercury the Cat: survived tragedy and living a full life

August 6, 2014

Mercury was found when he was about 4 days old (just over 5 ounces in weight, and eyes still shut, born about September 3rd/4th 2013), and we believe he was hit with a weed whacker since people in the neighbourhood had been doing yard work in tall grass shortly before he was found. He was […]

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Sammi Jo melts a trucker’s heart

November 25, 2013

Sammi Jo is a three year old Siamese mix cat who spends much of her time riding with truck driver Randy Briggs. Randy never considered himself a cat person. His wife Kelly is the cat Mom of the family already taking care of two cats which Randy felt was more than enough and what he […]

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