GPS Collars and Microchips Do Not Always Work and Here is Why

August 22, 2017

  Some people are often misled to believe that a GPS Collar or Microchip will be enough in the event of a missing pet emergency. Read this true story on why this is not always the case: Lisa Massy of Stafford, Virginia, lost her beloved pet, Hayden. Hayden was taken to a local shelter, which […]

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Tattoos and piercing for pets now illegal in New York

December 15, 2014

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today signed a bill that prohibits the unnecessary piercing and tattooing of cats, dogs, and all other pets for purely cosmetic purposes for the pleasure of the owner, except under limited circumstances. Those who violate the law will be subject to criminal penalties. “This is animal abuse, pure and simple,” Governor […]

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Top Ten Most Downloaded Pet Radio Shows 2013

December 22, 2013

Here are our top ten most downloaded shows for 2013. Some may surprise you. Which ones are your favorites? Number one most downloaded  Two Special Kitten Stories- Justin the Fire Survivor and Little Bear More Pets Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Pet Radio Show on BlogTalkRadio # 2.  Canine Cancer Research A look at […]

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Why Is Pet Dental So Important?

September 12, 2013

It’s a fact – pet dental is one of the most important health related topics pet owners need to address. The American Veterinary Dental Society reports that 80% of dogs and 70% of cats show signs of periodontal (gum) disease by age three. The report goes on to say that periodontal disease is the number […]

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A Young Woman’s Belief in No Limitations Changes a Cat’s Life and Her Own

August 9, 2013

19 year old Allie O’Sullivan adopted a kitten that had deformed front legs which made it difficult for it to walk. The kitten was born without the radius in both of his front legs, causing his legs to be bent like a hockey stick. He walked as a human would walk on their elbows. Allie […]

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