Wed. Dec 12th, 2018

Sweet Tart McKee, a 9-year-old feline, elected Mayor in small town



Small town Omena in Michigan just elected a new Mayor, and its a cat! Omena has had an animal as mayor for over a decade as well as other town official positions.

Mayoral Results 2018

  • Mayor: Sweet Tart McKee (Cat)
  • First Vice Mayor:  Diablo Shapiro (Dog)
  • Second Vice Mayor: Punkin Anderson-Harden (Dog)
  • Press Secretary: Harley Jones (Goat)
  • Special Assistant for Fowl Issues: Penny Labriola (Chicken)


Candidates included two cats, a peacock, a chicken, 13 dogs and one goat. It was Sweet Tart, a 9-year-old feline, who scooped up the most votes and is now mayor.

The calico cat was running on a platform of experience and having “NO naughty deeds,” based on her election profile.

“I represent the best of Leelanau County with the Sweet and Tart cherries. I have had experience with governing/supervising my household. And having been Vice Mayor for 3 years, fulfilling all my expected duties, I know I could handle the Mayor position,” Sweet Tart wrote in her profile of why she deserved to be mayor.

She is law and order pussy, and there will be no grabbing under her watch we think.

The town election requires each voter to donate a dollar to Omena Historical Society


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