September 19, 2020

Studley the Cat Changing Lives



Studley, his guardians Keith and Pam Phillips and two other cats, Mitzi and Zoe, live in Olympia, Washington, and is the 2014 ASPCA® Cat of the Year recognizing his work as a therapy cat.

Weighing only four pounds and covered in matted fur, Studley was found abandoned along the side of the road by Joint Animal Services in 2006. Though sick, emaciated and nearly starved to death, Studley was adopted and nursed back to health.


Studley is the only therapy cat in the program out of more than 30 animals in the Providence Animal-Assisted Activities and Therapy program (PAAA/T), and has been a regular visitor to the Providence St. Peter Hospital in Olympia, WA.

In our interview you will learn how Studley became a therapy cat , the work he is doing, and how to decide if your cat would make a good therapy cat.

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