Mon. Jul 22nd, 2019

Stray Dog Saves 10 Puppies and Mother



DALLAS – A park in Dallas, Texas is known as a dumping area for unwanted dogs, and one stray in particular has been alluding rescuers, but on Tuesday night  rescuers from Dallas Dogrrr were surprised when this elusive feral dog approached them  barking and lured the people to follow him into the woods.

“He’s never acted like that before and I was worried that maybe he was sick or something that happened to him,” Marina Tarashevsce, an animal rescuer with Dallas Dogrrr.

“I told her, I bet you he’s trying to get you to follow him,” said dog behaviorist John Miller. “Every time we got closer he would go away and bark at us saying, ‘Keep coming. Keep coming my way’.”

“We get about half way to the trail and we hear eww eww, eww,” Miller recalled. “And I said, puppies! We have puppies!”

“Somehow we found them and in a burnt out tree right by the creek in the mud, just mom and babies and it’s pitch black and it’s so difficult to get there,” Tarashevsce said.

Ten puppies and the Mom are now resting comfortably in a foster home.

Tarashevsce told reporters that this story is “absolutely amazing”, and Miller said, “I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve heard about stuff like this but it was awesome to witness it.”

The puppies will be adopted out once they are old enough to be weaned.

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