October 24, 2020

Stolen Cat Found by Detective


cosmo sun

VALLEJO, Calif.  — If your cat went missing, what would you be willing to do to get your cat back?

“I don’t really like cats. I’ve never been super into cats,” Riley McDermid said.

By no means does McDermid consider herself a cat lover, except when it comes to Sheba.

“She catches lots of mice, and she’s just a laid back, wonderful cat,” McDermid said.

So when Sheba went missing last September, Riley McDermid was determined to find her. She suspected Sheba was taken by the family of her deceased neighbor while they were hauling his belongings back to the Midwest.

“She’s such a friendly cat, did she jump into the back of the truck? Or maybe they took her because she’s such a nice cat,” McDermid said.

McDermid traced the family to Omaha, Nebraska, 1,600 miles away. She contacted them on social media and by text messages, and offered them a reward, but there was no response.

So she decided to c-all in a pet detective, Mona Kay.  “I was eager to do it right away,” she said.

Kay went to the suspected person’s home in Omaha. The woman claimed Sheba was her father’s cat. Then turned it over after seeing proof it was not.

“She was completely shocked when I pulled that picture out of Sheba,” Kay said.

After an 18-day ordeal, Sheba was flown back to Vallejo.

“I just felt like once I knew where she was I couldn’t just leave her there,” McDermid said.


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