June 16, 2021

Smiley the Viral Blind Therapy Dog Needs Spinal Surgery


In an exclusive interview with Pet Radio Joanne George told us her dog Smiley the blind Golden Retriever therapy dog that has gone viral this past week is suffering from a compressed disk and needs spinal surgery to alleviate serious pain and discomfort.

“The cost of the surgery is not within our families means and we are managing his pain with steroids and pain killers”, she told us.

The injured disk is right at the base of 12 year old Smiley’s tail, and doctors told George that the problem is from prolonged over use of that area of his body… because he has been wagging his tail almost non stop since he was a puppy.



Listen to the entire interview HERE

Joanne is a professional dog trainer with her own web site where you can reach her if you would like to help make Smiley’s surgery possible.

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