April 15, 2021

Should Declawing Cats Be Outlawed Nationwide?

Since 2002 Dr. Jennifer Conrad has been an advocate for banning the declawing of cats.  It began with municipalities in California and took on more steam after the release of a documentary film called the Paw Project in 2013 where Dr. Conrad shows examples of what she found working in zoos with big cats that were declawed and the struggle domestic cats have. The Paw Project organization then spread across the USA and Canada with volunteers introducing legislation.

They have since been successful in outlawing the practice at the local level in some cities and  New York has become the only state to prohibit declawing of cats.  In general progress has been slow with continued resistance from the veteranary industry. In many cases bills in state houses were succesfully introduced and either died in stagnation or were defeated.

As a pet owner, how do you feel about this? Should the government be stepping in here? Should it be made illegal on a national level? Please leave your comments below

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