January 17, 2021

Should Allowing your Cat to Roam Outside be Illegal?


Many cat and wildlife advocates have speaking out against cats free roaming outside instead of being kept indoors.  Now momentum is building to have communities enact a leash law for cats that would require cat parents to keep their cats indoors or in outdoor enclosures if not on a leash. 


Is this practical and enforceable? There is no question outdoor cats decimate wildlife, contract and spread disease, and generally live much shorter lives than if they were kept indoors, but should we force people to keep them inside?

Feral cat colonies in many areas are cared for by volunteers who feed them and care for them after spay/neutering so they will live out there lives undisturbed and die out without reproducing, and have fought a hard battle with communities to allow them to do this.  If people were barred from letting their cats outside, how would it affect the feral cat population? Would it help or hinder?

Tell us what you think?

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