November 25, 2020

Shop and Give Back For the Holidays-A Gift of Love

By Jessie Miller


Everyone is all abuzz with holiday cheer as they should be, this season brings out the best of us and often at the expense of our wallets. Why not make your gifts count this year by shopping with a purpose – for animals! There are so many organizations doing great work for animals and offering fantastic gift ideas for the pet enthusiast in your life. Check out these gift options and support a cause making your gift have meaning while also making a difference.

Best Friends Animal Society is a National organization based in Kanab, Utah. As the largest no-kill animal sanctuary they are doing great work across our Nation as they work tirelessly to #SaveThemAll and end the killing of dogs and cats in America’s shelters.  From collars, leashes, toys, and treats to pottery mugs, clothes, and blankets they have a gift for everyone including your furry friends.

EPIC Outreach is an east coast nonprofit that focuses on community outreach and a growing fan club Nationwide.  Through educating on social media, teaching kids in schools and after-school programs, and providing resources like pet food, spay/neuter, and vaccines EPIC Outreach is helping to keep pets and people together while inspiring kindness to create a more compassionate planet. EPIC Outreach created a 2018 Calendar fundraiser that features homeless pets with people who give back. The calendar is chock full of inspiring stories and tips on adoption and pet care.  This is a must for any animal lover or positive compassion seeker.  EPIC Outreach also has a children’s book they recently published about a rescued pit bull and his journey to overcome breed discrimination.  You can find both at

Wide Open Pets offers gifts that think outside the box and benefit various organizations. From Kombucha Dog to a Rescue Candle and Rescue Chocolate you are sure to find something that will delight those picky people.  Each gift has a cause it supports which offers that feel good social conscious, so many people are searching for today.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday and find some great gifts for your loved ones (human and furry). Please share any ideas or organizations we didn’t mention and let’s spread good cheer for everyone!

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