Shelter Director gives wheels and home to cat with damaged spinal cord

Shelter Director gives wheels and home to cat with damaged spinal cord


Abused, disfigured and abandoned, Emerson the cat had a rough start in life.   His injuries left him unable to use his rear legs, unable to urinate and difficulty eating and drinking on his own. In most shelters around the country this would mean a death sentence, but not at the  Houlton Humane Society where he is the unofficial ambassador greeting everyone who enters the shelter. First time visitors are surprised to see this little fur ball approach them in a specially designed wheel cart for cats.


“He was brought in to us last August,” Executive Director Heather Miller told local reporters.  “A lady found him, and when he was checked out by our vet, it was determined he had a broken neck, spinal cord damage, broken ribs and what looked to be chemical burns on his feet.”

In September, Miller and her husband, Jonathan Miller, who are known for taking in many special needs animals, began working with Emerson to give him more mobility. They first tried to build a wheel cart themselves, but it was too heavy for Emerson to move easily.  Then someone saw Emerson on Facebook and sent the Millers a specially designed wheel cart for cats.


It took a while for Emerson to get used to it, but by December he traveled around easily on his wheels.

He is a sight to behold,  Miller said.


Around town, Miller said she is not known as “Heather,” but as “Emerson’s mom.”

“People know I will take in the animals no one else wants,” Miller said. “They all deserve a chance, and the payback is the the reward of how forgiving these animals are.”

But Emerson, Miller said, is very special.

“He is my heart, my baby boy,” she said. “He has so much personality, and he doesn’t know he’s different.”


Heather Miller will be a guest on the Pet Radio Show April 4th, 2015. We hope you will tune in.