October 24, 2020

Sharing your bed with your dog is healthy!


1. You’ll get better sleep: Dogs are known to relieve stress and anxiety, meaning you will spend less time tossing and turning and more time relaxing. Being around our dogs decreases the cortisol levels in our brains, which cause us to feel anxious or stressed out.

2. You will feel safer: Having someone who is going to potentially notify you if something is going on in your house can make you sleep better at night. We have all read the stories of dogs waking their humans up because something dangerous is going on. Our dogs are our brave little protectors.

3. You both will be happier: Studies show that simply being around each other causes our brains to release endorphins and dopamine levels, which make us feel happy, loved and cared for. The same goes for dogs. We can all sleep better if we are happy.

4. The dog loves it: We all love to spoil our dog and what more could they want but to be snuggled up next to their humans in the most comfortable spot in the whole house?

Make the most out of it:
• Odds are you and your dog will either be warmer or cooler than each other. Make sure your dog can either get covered up or get some cooler air with ease.
• Have a ramp going up to the bed to avoid having your dog jump off the bed on their delicate joints.
• Be consistent with your dog. If you let them sleep in bed with you once, they will probably want to


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