January 16, 2021

San Diego Cat Oldest Living Cat



San Diego, California is all a buzz with the news of their newest celebrity, Tiffany Two, who according Guiness World Records is the oldest living cat at 26 years old., and turns 27 in March.

This beautiful Tortie came into Sharron Voorhees life when she was seven weeks old back in 1988.  According to Sharon, Tiffany has out lived two dogs and is still feisty, with no mobility, hearing, or sight problems.

The world record for oldest cat ever remains Creme Puff, a Texas cat who died in 2005 at the age of 38.

Tiffany Two’s  favorite treats is chicken and turkey.

Sharron Voorhees, 73, is a retired lawyer and has been an animal lover for as long as she can remember.    She was surprised to learn HER cat is the world’s oldest living cat. “Who wouldn’t be? I mean good gracious, you know?”


They both share the aches and pains of advancing years and daily blood pressure medication, but each also have an equal zest for life.   Voorhees attributes it to their bond.  “l always say it’s just that she doesn’t want to leave me.”

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