Thu. Apr 18th, 2019

Sammi Jo melts a trucker’s heart


Sammi Jo is a three year old Siamese mix cat who spends much of her time riding with truck driver Randy Briggs. Randy never considered himself a cat person. His wife Kelly is the cat Mom of the family already taking care of two cats which Randy felt was more than enough and what he could tolerate. When his wife had some health problems and their neighbor invited them to take a kitten from a group that had been found living under a car, Randy decided to take in one more cat to give comfort and support to Kelly, not knowing how much he would fall in love with the furry little ball of fluff.


Once home, it was discovered this little cutie needed some special attention. Randy explains, “Upon cleaning her tummy we found an open wound with a Bot Fly Larva poking it’s head out. It was late in the evening, so a vet would be expensive. We looked online and removal seemed easy enough, and little Sammi seemed weak and tired so we opted to remove it right away. Then Kelly told me I would have to take Sammi out with me in the truck the following day to make my delivery,  as Sammi Jo needed to be bottle fed every few hours and Kelly could not take Sammi to her job. So this is how the Trucker Kitty came to be. I pulled over every couple hours and held her and bottle fed her kitty milk. I fell in love with her!! Those little blue eyes- she bonded with me over the next few days of feeding while on the road until we could get some home time.”


As Sammi Jo got older she continued to travel with Randy. “She has never stayed home when I am on an over night trip. I went on a few daytime deliveries and left her home with Kelly, but found myself looking for her and missing her badly even after only a few hours away from her. We have been gone for weeks at a time, to only a day or two trips. The trips are always different depending on our budget and freight availability. She has been in most states east of the Mississippi, & Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas Oklahoma, and Kansas. Over 300,000 miles so far and counting.”

Dashboard Kitty (15) 2011

Sammi loves to lay on the cabs big dashboard to be close to Randy, but when traffic is heavy or weather conditions are bad, Randy tells her “no” and she retreats to her other favorite spot: a bean bag chair on the top bunk. When spooked by horns or thunder, she ducks into her cat carrier underneath the bean bag. There are two litter boxes in the trucks cab that Randy has to clean twice daily because of the close quarters.

The Briggs family also includes Sierra a rescued Siberian husky,  Harley a ferret,  a small river turtle, and the newest addition: a mixed breed kitten named Hallie Blue who was stuck up under the hood/frame of a pickup truck of a co-worker. I think Randy is now an official cat guy!

Keep on truckin Sammi Jo. I think you are in good hands.


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